Sony Employees “Passionate” About Today’s #PS4NoDRM Twitter Campaign

The Twitter campaign to highlight both the end user reaction to Microsoft’s restrictive used game DRM and a plea to Sony to not repeat the same mistakes appears to be gathering a fair amount of steam since it was started overnight.

What kicked off from a forum post has quickly gained traction, with most major outlets at least aware of the story, with many, like Kotaku and Destructoid, actively writing about it.

Since then, several Sony employees have Tweeted their acknowledgement of the campaign.

  • “Humbled by the outpouring of passionate PlayStation fans and their willingness to talk to us directly,” said Nick Accordino, SCEA ISD Producer. “Please know that we hear you. <3.”
  • “This is why I love PlayStation fans- the passion bucket overflows,” said John Koller, Head of Hardware Marketing.
  • “To all the fans, with a special mention to GAFfers, I *love* your passion,” added Shahid Kamal Ahmad. “It convinces me that the path I chose 31 years ago was right.”

It’s worth noting that the Twitter accounts are generally not the opinion of the employer in cases like these, but it’s good to see the comments coming forth anyway, especially when they’re so consistent in tone and language. Having a positive effect? Looks like it.

Let’s hope that this is all having an effect, and that the PlayStation 4 won’t feature a system-wide used game DRM method, something that has caused much discussion since the Xbox One’s reveal last week. Are we likely to hear about this before E3, though? We’ll see.

You can read more about why and how here.

Image taken from NeoGAF.



  1. Sony have made no promises, but at the very least they’re listening! The sooner they can clear this issue up, the better.

  2. Seems positive. I wonder if they’ll issue a press release on this before E3.

    • They will let Microsoft hang themselves even more first.

  3. oh Kaz, you joker.

    i’d love DR Mario on PS4. ^_^

    seriously though, it’s good that there are some at Sony who are listening.
    or at least they’re aware of people’s feelings on the matter.whether that will make any difference remains to be seen.

    but it seems to be a million miles away from ms’s stance on the issue.

    in the end, we’ll all find out by launch, or very soon after.
    so i’ll be getting the facts before i make any kind of purchase decision.

    but i really hope always on drm and no preowned are not features on the PS4, because it’s looking like the pick of the bunch for next gen.

  4. Great news. Take note Xbox.

  5. The tweet by the fake Kaz Hirai account about not releasing Dr. Mario (DrM) on PS4 is amazing.

  6. Sounds positive, but let’s hope for an official announcement.

  7. Sony take note, ignore the power of social media and you’ll loose more than just the good press you have gained over your competitor, it’s that loyal fan base that will turn on you, just as those equally loyal fans have done so on Microsoft.

  8. Certainly beats #dealwithit and backwards compatibility for backwards people!

  9. That twitter box makes me feel sick lol

    • Glad I’m not the only one!

  10. As much as I hate the scheme, if MS goes ahead with this (if? lol) then Sony would be mad NOT to follow suit. XBOne is going to sell. Even all the bad announce news won’t change that. (Bad press never stopped the PS3). Exclusive content and timed releases for CoD and FIFA will help many millions forget about the bad stuff and an awful lot of gamers will not want to abandon their established gaming networks.

    Now, the scheme will make publishers lots of money. They will kind of like that. After a year or so, when they realise they make a LOT more money on One than they do on PS4, they’ll start to review their business strategies. Sony has to match the MS scheme.

    Of course, there IS a chance the One will flop or its used game market will die, but I strongly doubt either will happen. I remember hearing that MS would charge you to go online on the console you’d already paid for, with the game you’d already paid for, on the jnternet connection you’d already paid for. I, and many gamers said “we’ll that ain’t gonna fly, is it”…..

    • I disagree. I think the Xbox One will flop, and not just because of this fee business. There are many things that have upset the Xbox fraternity, with the fees featuring as the worst of them.
      What console would you buy as a consumer. Imagine the scenario of walking into a GAME to be greeted by a PS4 with a load of shelves dedicated to new and used games. All of a sudden the PS4 is a lot more affordable to a huge vareity of people. Yeah the One will sell some copies, but I sense a huge backlash. How long before some old dear appears on the BBC Watchdog complaining that she wasnt aware her little Johnnies Xbox had to be always online (well once every 24 hours), and that he cant even borrow his friends games. Or that Kinect is always collecting information even when powered off. This will not blow over at all, and is all set to get worse. As gamers, we’re aware of it here and now because we read up on stuff, but there will be consumers out there who wouldnt have been made aware of the full restrictions of the One, and will create merry hell for years to come.

      • I agree Torquemada.

        In particular, let’s not forget the influence places like Gamestop have in selling the console.

        When Gamestop management realise that second hand Xbone games make them $3 profit, but PS3 second hand games make them $30 profit, which console do you think they will be telling their spotty faced sales teams to push?

        Not to mention the restriction on simply being able to lend a game to friend … if Sony allow it and MS don’t – game over.

      • *PS4

        (force of habit)

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