Sony Employees “Passionate” About Today’s #PS4NoDRM Twitter Campaign

The Twitter campaign to highlight both the end user reaction to Microsoft’s restrictive used game DRM and a plea to Sony to not repeat the same mistakes appears to be gathering a fair amount of steam since it was started overnight.

What kicked off from a forum post has quickly gained traction, with most major outlets at least aware of the story, with many, like Kotaku and Destructoid, actively writing about it.

Since then, several Sony employees have Tweeted their acknowledgement of the campaign.

  • “Humbled by the outpouring of passionate PlayStation fans and their willingness to talk to us directly,” said Nick Accordino, SCEA ISD Producer. “Please know that we hear you. <3.”
  • “This is why I love PlayStation fans- the passion bucket overflows,” said John Koller, Head of Hardware Marketing.
  • “To all the fans, with a special mention to GAFfers, I *love* your passion,” added Shahid Kamal Ahmad. “It convinces me that the path I chose 31 years ago was right.”

It’s worth noting that the Twitter accounts are generally not the opinion of the employer in cases like these, but it’s good to see the comments coming forth anyway, especially when they’re so consistent in tone and language. Having a positive effect? Looks like it.

Let’s hope that this is all having an effect, and that the PlayStation 4 won’t feature a system-wide used game DRM method, something that has caused much discussion since the Xbox One’s reveal last week. Are we likely to hear about this before E3, though? We’ll see.

You can read more about why and how here.

Image taken from NeoGAF.



  1. Lets hope Sony come up trumps. Microsoft seemed to have backed down for the mo, denying they have even confirmed anything, despite a number of reports in the media quoting key figures at Microsoft. Cant see Microsoft backing down at all on this, but I can see Sony taking a pragmatic view and coming out stating they wont be charging at all for 2nd hand/game sharing. Sony mate, you’ll make a killing with the PS4 if you do. Microsoft have underestimated their customer every step of the way. Have a look on their own forums. Theres more negative than positive comments. Im a 360 fanboy (but I do have a PS3 too), and I promise you I will be exclusively a PS4 fanboy if you do this. Dont follow Microsoft down this ludicrous self-destructive path.

  2. Well that live feed thing is a bit useless.

  3. Would be brilliant if PS4 didn’t feature DRM and allowed hassle-free second hand gaming, but I find it hard to believe Sony won’t follow Microsoft’s lead. Can’t see many publishers/developers being happy if they did.
    Perhaps we will see less third party support on PS4? Not that I would be too fussed by that decision as Sony exclusives are the reason to own a Playstation.

    • they have to consider who they would rather cater for.

      third party publishers like ea and ubisoft, or the people that will, or will not, be buying the machine.

  4. this seems to be a million miles away from ms response to the preowned issue.
    confusing, contradictory messages, then blaming the media for relaying the same confusing, contradictory messages ms gave them.

    who knows if this will change anything, but the outlooks is a bit more positive for PS4.

  5. Thing is Developers and Publishers may baulk at Sony for allowing 2nd Hand/shared games with no fees, but theyll soon come round. Theyd have to, as the Xbox One will flop and where else are they going to peddle their wares?
    Dont let the tail wag the dog Sony. Your console, your rules.

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