WeView Verdict: Just Cause 2

Last week I confessed to beeing an absolutely huge fan of Just Case 2, and it seems a lot of the community shares that opinion. I’m glad they do, it would be pretty awkward otherwise.

jayboy31 was among those praising the game, simply saying that “This game is amazing, a massive time drain, you just can’t help having one more go.” Nylon_Angel shared a similar sentiment, saying that it’s “a fantastic game, with plenty of replay value.”

Then there was Jakster123x, who called it one of their “favourite games of this generation,” commenting that “The grappling hook really is a gamechanger.” They went on to give the best description I’ve seen of the game, and one that sums up my typical experience with it:

Within moments of spawning into the world you can instantly be causing chaos with police on your tail before leading them off the edge of a cliff and then parachuting to your safety, firing a rocket launcher at a nearby wind turbine for good measure.

There were, however, a couple of you who weren’t all that keen on the game. Taylor Made got their negativity in early, calling the game “Garbage!” Backing up their initial assessment they said that “The game was all over the place, I just didn’t know what I was doing most time.”

Mickey2010 was more keen on the game in general, but felt that “its story is a mess.” On the plus side, they enjoyed the fact that “it’s full of some great gaming easter eggs.” They went on to say that the game’s great “if you want to have a piss about,” which I really can’t argue with.

Moving away from the console version of the game, I’ve seen a lot of praise for the modability of the game’s PC incarnation. UKZ-N3M1515 has re-affirmed this opinion, saying that although they initially “Didn’t really have any fun with this game,” the enjoyment factor was upped a lot when they grabbed some mods for the game. Further to this, they said that you should “try get it for PC to multiply the fun.” They rounded things out with a Buy It rating, as it’s simply “Too big a game to rent.”

I’ll round things out with this comment from blast71 who, much like Jakster123x, manages to sum up the game brilliantly.

Any game that lets you drag someone along behind a rickshaw, whilst being chased by a helicopter, drive them off a cliff, then, hi-jack said helicopter, make your escape, parachute out and land on a mountain, all the while looking like you’ve ‘got a cigar on’ is worth a BUY IT from me.

So now we come to the game’s verdict. Although there were two votes for Rent It, it’s probably not all that surprising that Buy It picked up sixteen votes. So there you have it, Just Cause 2 is absolutely worth picking up.

Now, normally there’d be a poll at this point, but there was a two-way tie in last week’s voting. Metro 2033 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II shared the top spot, so we’ll be looking at Black Ops II tomorrow, and Metro 2033 next week.



  1. Yay!

  2. Thanks Kris, i’m glad to see other people love the game as much as I do.

  3. Great game. Almost at 60 hours played myself. Just can’t help popping on every so often just to create some random chaos. That and to work towards 100%.

  4. “got a cigar on” ?

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