Borderlands 2 DLC Character Krieg Rides A Meat Bicycle

Look, we won’t claim that this is hard hitting investigative journalism. We won’t even pretend that it’s big news that our entire readership is desperate to hear. It’s a promotional video made to market Krieg, a DLC character in Borderlands 2.

But sometimes, something is so ludicrously, deliciously mental that we have to show it off. Sometimes, the bizarre is worth celebrating and Krieg is certainly bizarre. You might remember him from our preview, he’s the one who loves to play with fire. There’s a lengthy gameplay video of him through that preview link, if you want to know more about how he plays and his skill tree.


So, settle in for four and a half minutes of weirdness that is not really safe for work and should definitely give you a bit of a giggle.

See, I told you it was a bit insane.



  1. Bizarre but very entertaining.

    I still twiddle my thumbs over whether to get Borderlands 2 though.

    • I suppose it’s not for everyone but I loved it. It’s all very cleverly written and funny so if you get along with that kind of gameplay, it’s a great experience. Bound to be really cheap now, too.

      • I will give it a bash. Most likely it’ll be added to the list in the Steam sale. It’s just some people say they loved, some people say it was pretty boring. If this video is anything to go by, I’ll certainly love the characters and script.

      • You need to be able to look past the really quite obvious game mechanics, which hurl fetch quests and useless tatty guns at you, and makes you wade through enemies.
        There’s also a fair bit of grinding to be done sometimes, in order to level up for a new area’s enemies…

        But the writing is rather good, from what I’ve seen.

        Bunimomike hated it.

  2. That was really good, I liked it a lot. I do love Borderlands.

  3. I read he was included in the season pass but when I checked it out it was asking me to pay. Can someone confirm either way?

    • Definitely not included in season pass.

      Season pass includes the 4 bits of DLC (which includes the tiny tina one coming in June) & the upgrade pack allowing you to rank up to lvl 61.

      The characters (Gaige & Krieg) & the skins are not included in the season pass unfortunately. Gaige was free for the first week or so though i think, so that makes things a little more confusing with what is & what isn’t included.

      • Thanks mate.

      • Gaige was free as a pre-order bonus and Krieg costs real money. I can’t justify spending out on Krieg though. Certainly not at the £8 price point. Would expect to pay that for proper DLC, not a skin/character.

  4. I need to start playing this co-op, it’s a lot of fun with with friends.

  5. Lol – That was awesome. Love the internal monologue!

  6. Bought. Along with season pass ready for the Assault on Dragon Keep now i really should start playing Borderlands 2 lol :D

  7. That was great! I’m actually tempted by the dlc now, the fact that there’s actually a sane man hidden in there somewhere takes it to a whole new level

  8. Brilliant! :) Although I absolutely love Borderlands 2, and can’t wait for the next story DLC to be released next month, Krieg never really appealed to me…until now!! I might actually consider getting this character DLC now, all because of this trailer!!

  9. That was mental….in a good way. I really need to finish my playthrough of B2.

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