The Last Of Us Demo Unlocks Today

Those with God Of War Ascension can today – in a matter of hours – start playing The Last Of Us. Or, rather, a demo of the game, presumably the exact same demo we tested a few weeks back here.


It’s likely that – if it is the same demo – you’ll have a small download and then the game will use the files already present on the God of War disk. In our case we had to grab a downloader and then pull down a few GB from Sony’s servers, but hopefully they’re using the content you already have locally.

The demo contains two locations and two very different styles of gameplay. There’s no real spoilers other than you’ll know – once the demo ends – about one new character and have some idea of Joel and Ellie’s motivations.

We’ve been playing the full game for a while now – you can expect full details and our review next week. Until then, enjoy the demo!



  1. Excited to see the finished product but I will probably just check out a “lets play” rather than wading through the game myself.
    P.S. Joel + Ellie = Jelly. I love Jelly :-)

  2. Can’t wait for the full game, no demo for me =)

    • Can’t wait for the full game, yes demo for me :-P

  3. I have a strange feeling that today’s demo will be a MP beta. I can’t think of any other reason why it requires you to be signed onto PSN.

    • Unlock key, to stop sneaky people from playing it early I guess.

    • I can assure you 100% it’s not multiplayer… ;)

      • Have you played the multiplayer yet?

        What’s it like? It’s not my priority when I think about this game, but I am curious about it…

  4. Argh! Can’t decide whether to try the demo, or just wait for the full game :)

    (Not a bad dilemma to have, admittedly!)

    • Leave the demo alone. It’s an isolated affair and the full game is out soooo soon! It would be a shame to either:

      1) enjoy the demo a huge amount but then switch off the invested emotions and jarringly start back up again in a week’s time, or
      2) not enjoy the demo as it’s not the beginning of the game and have that disjointed feeling going into the proper game

      Sod. That. :-)

    • If you’re not sure whether to get the game, try the demo.
      If you’re definitely gonna get the game, BACK THE HELL UP & LEAVE THE DEMO ALONE!
      That’s how I see it anyway. ;)

  5. GOW:Ascension is £17.99 in Sainsburys (with L.O.U demo)

    Get em while they’re hot..

    • Yes, I saw this on my local store yesterday. I was seriously tempted to pick it up, but I think it’ll be better it i just wait for the full game.

    • Thats where i got mine last week :)

  6. Prick..

    • DirtyHabit and Yiddo were replying to a complete tool of a guy who was posting spoilers about The Last of Us – just before you think they were calling TSA Staff names and wishing harm on them. :-P

      • Thanks.. that clears it.. I was thinking Youtube style post.. where you have to scoll and search for the comments.. ;-)

      • I actually like the fact that they are now just ‘floating insults’ – Adds a sense of wonder! ;)

      • You sure they weren’t aimed at you as well Bunimo? ;)

      • Hahaha! Get out, you! :-)

      • Do you like yourself some of the K-meist?

      • That was meant to Bunimomike :P

  7. I hope Kony finds you and makes you his fucking bitch.

  8. Hate people like tht stayed away from all reviews and previews of it for tht reason you always get one knobhead who has to ruin it. Just gotta try and forget what i read. Thanks guys for deleting it hope not too many people saw what he tried to spoil.

  9. Anyone know what time the demo gets released?

  10. Regret getting rid of my copy of God Of War now!!!…..

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