Community Chronicle: 02/06/13

As I wait for my copy of Diggs Nightcrawler to arrive, I’ve been playing around with that Book of Spells lark that came before it. You know what? It’s far from perfect, and only a handful hours of play time is on offer, but I think they’ve done a bang up job of it.

The book itself is lovely to hold, and some of the nuances to what’s shown on screen are lovely, especially the pop-up theatre moments.

So, it’s a bit of a shame that Wonderbook hasn’t had many games out for it yet. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on Diggs, though.

This time around, it’s back to the world of PC gaming, as the man that lives by only a number, Person678, shares his beast of a machine with us.

For a brief description, I’ll hand over to the man himself:

My PC’s innards are a bit messy, as you can see. I honestly wasn’t too happy with the cable management and plan on rebuilding it at some point. Runs like a dream though with the NVidia GTX 680 and Core i5 3570k.

The keyboard is a lovely mechanical SteelSeries, best keyboard I’ve ever had. It took ages too get used to, but I love it now.

Finally, the monitor is a Dell 27″ 2560×1440, which I got the other day. The resolution is honestly astounding, there’s nothing quite like it!

Please do help out and share your set ups by getting in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just sending an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

We’ll pick up with a spot of Mass Effect 3, where wolf-OF-chaos was very glad to have achieved the platinum this past week, as was tactical20 when they finished a nice long 30 hour play through. He touched every part of the game, apart from a somewhat glitchy side mission, which didn’t trigger.

Speaking of which, cam_manutd battled with glitchy trophies and rage quitters on his way to the FIFA 13 online cup win trophy. It took him a whopping seven attempts to get it to work properly, but he got there in the end! A similar kind of persistence was required by Youles, who nabbed his own FIFA 13 trophy, but this time on the Vita and for 100 online matches. He marches onwards to his platinum.

Crazy_Del also marches inexorably towards a particularly gruelling online trophy, with 700 more kills required for his Resistance 2 10,000 kills trophy. It’s a horrible beast of a trophy, that one. Similar to the bounties on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which are nigh on impossible to get without boosting with friends, as blackredyellow and thechunkymunky are doing. Chunky also just finished his first play through of the game, which is a pretty great experience.

TSBonyman went back, after a good few years now, to play through Heavy Rain for the third time. I’ve been meaning to go back to it myself, some time too. Maybe I will do so this summer, before Beyond is released.

B_Cambo took the Green Lantern platinum, whilst Bambo_19 claimed the fastest platinum for Ratchet: Gladiator. I always get these two mixed up, so hope I’ve got that the right way round!

However, this week’s fastest trophies list will be dominated by Shaggy2Dope, who hopped in again, staking his claim to a whopping 11 already existing records. You’ll have to check for yourself to see which these are, and if you’ve lost out. His forum post is here. As a group, this week’s claims have pushed TSA past 400 distinct platinums!

In the land of books, Wilbossman posted a supremely speedy Diggs Nightcrawler platinum, which does make me worry a little for how long a game it is. Taylor Made feels a little ashamed of burning through the Book of Spells for a platinum. I don’t think he should be, really. I think it’s quite lovely, just really easy!

Finally, in the wake of the Xbox One and fast approaching next generation, Eldave0 is prepping to trade in the 360s. As a result, he and his wife finished Lego Lord of the Rings to 100% completion, and look to be cracking on with all the other co-op games they have lying around.

Do you have similar retirement plans for the current generation? Any games you’ll be going back to this summer to replay or chase trophies, before packing up your console and selling it on or tucking it into the loft?

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. “Similar to the bounties on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which are nigh on impossible to get without boosting with friends”

    Well I got them all pre-patch and without Near, so I’ll consider that my accomplishment for this week. *scurries in to dark corner, never thinking of platinums* :P

    • That must have been one heck of a grind!

      • Twas a grind indeed but I loved the game and the console dearly and craved that platinum which was my first ever (also I did not have any Internet or friends that had a Vita).

        Had it been patched earlier with the update (that made the bounty drops more often), I might have been able to claim my first fastest platinum also, but as it is I was around 4 weeks behind of element666’s 03/04/12.

  2. Ah, Person678… The new monitor looks awesome! Glad I made a decent recommendation instead of two Etch-a-sketchs sellotaped together. ;-)

    • Shame it’s 16:9.

      • It’s a stunning monitor to put yours or mine to shame.*

        Still the wrong shape, though. :-P

  3. That PC looks awesome…. You’ve made me want to build a new machine myself now….

    What case is that?

    • I believe that it’s a Fractal Design R4.

      • Bingo.

      • Nice, cheers.

        My Antec P180 is starting to show its age a bit now might look into getting the fractal case…

  4. That PC looks a beastie! And it looks as though the monitor really does Bioshock: Infinite some justice!

    Will be pleased to have gotten all the bounties on GA. Having continued the Crushing playthrough I did about 5/6 chapters and picked up 5/6 bounties on the way!

  5. What the – moi? – in the accomplishments section? There’s a turn up for the books! :D
    Nice to get a mention though, cheers tef!

    • You tell me about it, and I’ll include it :)

  6. Nice rig, just had me check the windows experience index on my olden days PC which comes in at a lowly 4.6/7.9 with modest 21 incher. Here’s betting that beast of yours is hitting the 7’s! ;)

  7. Sometimes even I get confused when I see Cambo’s name lol. The PC looks like an absolute beast .

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