The Last Guardian Spotted, Still For PS3

It’s alive! Team Ico’s The Last Guardian is not only alive and kicking, but it’s also still releasing on PlayStation 3 and will feature at E3 next week.

That’s according to E3 Insider (via), listing the game along with the rest of the exhibits.


“Check out all the latest screenshots and videos for The Last Guardian,” says the site, “then come back here on Tuesday, June 11 for all the latest details, straight from the E3 2013 convention floor!”

Sounds like it should be playable too.

The Last Guardian was revealed years ago, and has been Team Ico’s only game since Shadow Of The Colossus on PS2. It was long assumed that it would skip PS3 and release on PS4.

Perhaps the inclusion of the HD remasters of Ico and Shadow on PlayStation Plus was just a teaser for what the studio have around the corner.

If it’s playable, we’ll have hands on ASAP.



  1. Very excited to see more of this game, if its indeed true. Next week is going to be extremely interesting indeed :)

  2. About bloody time Team Ico! Although I do hope for a cross-gen release for this, would be a great launch title to buy alongside my PS4 :D

  3. I’m giddy with delight at this news! :)

  4. All the waiting and silence really killed my hype for this game. The fact that it might still release on the PS3 is also not helping… :/

  5. I’m excited, the cynical side of me would say any Last Guardian news is an easy way to whip up E3 excitement with very little backlash if nothing appears. But then, if it’s gonna be playable, wow. The end of the PS3s lengthiest hype story could be in sight!

  6. Wow, so we might see both The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus this year? Fingers crossed.

  7. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MORE & PLAY IT!!! :P + If only SONY could of got all these brilliant PS3 Exclusives out this year to be compatible with the PS4 that would of been AMAZING :P I wonder if they could somehow do it??? If PS4 owners could play games like this & TLoU & GT6b& GOW:A & SLY4 & BTS etc etc on their PS4’s that would of been MEGA-COOL;)

  8. Hopefully, this is not Team ICO’s DNF or A:CM and it will be worth the wait. But i’m not holding my breath mainly due to the tendecy of games that have a long development cycle and don’t release anything during the cycle tend to end up as well, just take a look at A:CM and DNF. Hopefully, i’m wrong and Team ICO will deliever an excellent story. Knowing them, they will probably have an even sadder ending. I’ve not played ICO or STOC but have seen the ending to STOC before. Twas sad if i remeber correctly.

  9. I might be a little pessimistic here but Sony seem to be having another deja vu. The PS2 had still top games coming out for it when the PS3 released like GOW2 and FF12. PS3 owners will get GT6 and this most likely. Not saying I am not delighted because I am at the news. However, I think it will detract some emphasis from the PS4.

  10. My initial reaction on seeing this article headline was one of genuine surprise and nervous happiness. I want to play the game and have yearned to get my grubby mitts on it since the very first trailer. My only worry is that we’ll see whatever trouble they had developing the title, borne out in the game.

    I hope not and look forward to seeing more. Actually, this has guaranteed that I stay up for the conference in case Sony show it off on stage in some fashion.

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