A-Men Developer Working On PS4 Launch Title

Bloober Team, the Polish studio behind cross-play titles A-Men and Deathmatch Village, has teased its first project for PlayStation 4. For now, all we have is the name “Basement Crawl” and a nightmarish piece of concept art, neither of which evoke any thoughts as to what the game could entail.

We’d be tempted to label the game as a downloadable RPG with a horror/comedy vibe. Still fairly small-time, it’s unlikely that Bloober is currently piecing together something of AAA quality.

Also, Basement Crawl sounds far too similar to Dungeon Crawler for there not to be any similarities. For the uninitiated, the term dungeon crawler is often used to describe action role-playing games which adopt a top-down perspective such as Diablo, Dungeon Hunter, and Sony’s Warrior’s Lair.

Regardless of what Bloober have planned, we’ll be sure to hear more in the coming months.


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  1. Ha! Top artwork. Deliciously sinister and ideal for my nephew’s next Halloween costume.

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