“Deus Ex: The Fall” Teased

They say the human brain can concentrate on seven things at once – that’s why Tetris has seven different block shapes. It’s called Miller’s Law, although the popular consensus is that the actual number you can hold in working memory varies from 5 to 9. Regardless, the average is thought to be seven, and that’s what Pajitnov went for.


Thankfully, Square Enix agree with this notion, and have dedicated seven individual seconds to this new teaser for a new Deus Ex game. It’s mostly the same thing spread over the seven seconds, of course – this is barely more than a logo and a date, but perhaps it’s a subtle clue as to where the series is going next.

Or not.

Expect more on this tomorrow, it seems, with no doubt lots more next week as the annual game fest that is E3 kicks off in earnest. Hopefully we all get to see some brand new IPs floating around in among the popular rolling franchises that have found traction recently. Deus Ex is fine, of course, but let’s hope for something fresh.



  1. Despite its faults Human Revolution was one of the best games of this gen. Looking forward to this.


    Don’t outsource your boss battles!

    • I agree, brilliant to play, shame about the cutscenes. A remake of the original would be good, probably too much to hope for though :)

  2. I really hope this is a complete new entry in the Deus Ex franchise and not just a spin off or something that is not game related…
    Loved Human Revolution!

  3. Did AG ask for this?

    I hope it’s a new entry into the franchise and that they will create the boss battles to suit the game instead of outsourcing it thus royally screwing other players that have elected to use stealth only.

  4. Enjoyed H.r a lot more than i did D.Ex II on Xbox, my only gripes were a lot of the things i spent an age powering up (ability to punch through walls) was very under-used (could only punch through select walls and for what? to find some bonus items?), boss fights, well others said exactly how i feel on those and the ending, well bit wank really….press button A for blah blah…button b for yadda yadda or button C for Bully’s special prize!.

    But if they adress the flaws, there’s a very solid foundation to build on here.Looking forward to seeing just what this is.

  5. Boss-mode dlc .. ;)

  6. Lovely news. I thoroughly enjoyed Human Revolution and it was one of my gaming highlights last year.

    We can often commit more items to STM (Short Term Memory) by doing what’s called “chunking” where we pair/group things together that are similar. For example, remembering seven things but one of those seven things triggers the memory for the other two items (bringing you to a total of nine, for example) which are similar (like remembering apple, then pear and banana even though the first six items are non-food based).

    Lots of tricks to improve the STM and also the repetition and reinforcement from STM to LTM (Long Term Memory).

  7. I loved Human Revolution. Absolutely loved it. The world was just immense, especially when you go to Lower Henghsa. Utterly fantastic.

    Please don’t disappoint me by being an iOS spin off or something.

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