Fieldrunners 2 Heading To PS Vita

The wildly popular tower defense-esque iPhone and iPad game Fieldrunners 2 is heading to the PlayStation Vita, and is currently “in the final stages of development”.


The game builds on the success of the first (PSP) game, with a brand new engine, new towers, new baddies and all new levels.

“In Fieldrunners 2, our aim was to make everything bigger and better, while still respecting our fans as tower defence connoisseurs,” say developers Subatomic.

“We started by building a new game engine,” the blog post continues, “which allows each and every enemy to carve their own unique path through the battlefield. Drop a tower in front of them? Their relentless waves wrap right around it. Use bridges and tunnels to create a killer choke point? Enemies get caught up in a huge traffic jam.”

Apaprently the Vita version will get some exclusive content too.



  1. I have it on iPad, but never got around to playing it, despite absolutely loving Fieldrunners 1 on both iPad and PSP.

    I should play it. Although I think I’ll wait until the Vita version and get some trophies while I’m at it.

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes yes

    About time but

    yes yes yes yes

  3. I’ll defo get this, I need a new Tower Defence game since Plants vs Zombies!

  4. I seriously love tower defence, and I have this on my PC. Love it. A Vita version is what I’ve been waiting for.

  5. Just me who thinks the tower defence genre is shite then.

  6. I had the first one on my PSP. It was a great pick-up-and-play game. If the new one is easy to dip into then I’m pretty sure I’ll download it.

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