Teaser Suggests Fable HD Remake From Lionhead


It looks like Peter Molyneux’s old studio, Lionhead, are working on a HD remake of the original Fable, with the end of the teaser pointing to an Xbox 360 release.


Fable first game out on the original Xbox in 2004, although a Windows version appeared the year after and a Mac version even later, in 2008.

According to the teaser it seems like the developers have been repeatedly asked for a HD remake, and this looks likely to be something Microsoft show at their pre-E3 press conference next week.

The Xbox 360 had numerous Fable releases.



  1. ok, xbox 360, cool.

    i was worried it would be an x1 game.

    i liked the original, though the sequel was better, number 3, not so much.

    it’d be great if they could add the female hero option like i’ve read they wanted to add originally but either didn’t have the time or resources for, it being something of an unknown quantity at the time they might not have got the needed support within ms.

    hopefully that happens, but either way, this is definitely something i’d be interested in.

  2. Hooray! It’s been years since I repeatedly got told “your health is low” by an annoying old man!

    Easily my favourite in the series though.

  3. Is this honestly needed?.

    I bought and played the original and it was’nt the greatest RPG ever, the trees did’nt grow old as i aged etc etc and i found if i wanted the extra stuff avaiable in the PC version, i’d have to buy the exp.disc.

    Fable was a decent enough little game wrapped up in a decent enough game engine and i then bought Fable II on 360, expecting the new hardware to enable the features missing from the 1st game, but no, nice game engine, average game.

    So personally never asked for this to be redone and if i wanted to play it again, i’d dig out my Xbox copy and trawl through that.Trinkets like achivements are not going to make game relevant in todays market.

    Still better this than more Kinect rubbish bearing the Fable name.

  4. Tagline: XBOX 1 games on XBOX 360!

  5. I have a feeling the original Fable won’t have aged gracefully, no matter how much it’s polished up.

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