The Last Guardian Pre-Orders Appear At Retail

Adding further weight to the rumours from yesterday, it looks like Sony’s The Last Guardian is indeed still alive, and is indeed still heading for the PlayStation 3.


Pre-order mock-ups have been spotted at a European retailer, according to the photograph above, which claims that the game is due out this year.

Naturally the usual caveats apply: nobody at Sony are really saying much about the game (especially the release date) and this certainly isn’t official artwork.

All eyes on E3, then.

Via GAF.



  1. I nearly threw my wallet and the screen and shouted “take it all!” but have thankfully calmed down.

    E3, you say? I shall behave until then.

    *twiddles thumbs*

  2. I pre-ordered mine about two years ago – just need to find the receipt!:)

    • Found it – dated 28-08-2011 .. .my wallet hasn’t seen much action in that time :/

  3. I suppose this means I should move away from the Steam backlog and back to the PS+ backlog and play Ico & SotC then?

    My God, I think my gaming backlog contains about 200 games… :(

    • More of a gaming backforest than a simple log, fella.

      • It’s the Steam sales, humble bundles and PS+.

        I can’t help it, the ‘unplayed’ list of good games just grows and grows!

    • I thought I was the only one with a 150+ backlog…. we have our work cut out for us until the PS5 :p

      • Time to make use of the summer!

  4. With some of the recent articles popping up on here, some of my 3 – 4 point choices for the E3 bingo are looking more and more likely :D

    I’m still yet to play Ico and SotC. I’ll get the collection and play them over summer.

  5. Pinch me.

  6. Hey everyone, longtime lurker here.

    That pic’s from FNAC in Portugal and they’ve had that on display on and off again for the past two years or so, ever since the game was announced at E3.
    I remember seeing that on a shelf a couple of months back so it’s not recent in any capacity.
    I do hope, however, that they already had them out again because they knew it would be coming out (but I doubt it).


    • nice work and thanks for the comment. that clears it up a little.

    • Welcome, Suncrest and cheers for the heads-up.

      Enjoy your new lease on life (read: the comments section). :-)

    • Thanks for the heads-up and welcome to the community!

  7. ‘The Last Guardian(s) of Us’ LoL:D

    + This is TO MUCH!!! from SONY if this game comes out as well this year!!! Soooooooooooooo many (as Lee Nelson would say) Qualityyyyyyyy(i am sure it will be to) Exclusives:P :P :P

    SONY’s PlayStation Brand is the BEST. Always have been & always will be;)
    (saying all that i am not going to get carried away with all the internet rumors before E3 erm if i can) :D

    • Jesus breh, chill ;)

    • Do you type or simply rub your body up and down the punctuation keys to see what happens? Either way, I want to record you and play you back in slow motion. :-)

      • Maybe he types with his pulsating boner for Sony


      • Thanks for that mental image! *puts down fork* :-)

      • No problem dude :D

  8. That retailer is Fnac, that photo was taken here in Portugal. It’s not the first time I’ve seen them put out a pre-order for that game, always with a different non-official image. But hey, maybe they are right.

  9. Copied from my post on the article with the new Last of Us multiplayer trailer.

    A bit unrelated but I was just watching that Gameinformer video on Halo: Spartan Assault and there was a link at the side for ‘The Last Guardian E3 trailer’ with only 233 views, indicating that it’s been uploaded today. Clicked on it and it said ‘this video was removed by the user’.

    Just thought I’d mention it, so brace yourself for a trailer soon.

  10. I would spray my coffee over my laptop due to this but i’ve drunk it all before i’ve clicked on here so i’m goign to have to settle for falling off my chair due to the shock of this. *falls of chair* I really hope this is not a mistake and that the Last Guardian is actually ready to be released. Can see them having to dial back the graphics due to the cat thingy most likely taking up a lot of proccessing power. Wonder if they will show us a gameplay trailer at E3?

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