The Last Of Us Multiplayer Shown In Leaked Gameplay Video

With less than a fortnight until launch, yesterday we broke radio silence here at TheSixthAxis with all the juicy details surrounding The Last Of Us’ “Factions” multiplayer.

If the lengthy preview and cluster of screenshots didn’t illustrate just what to expect from Naughty Dog’s online survival fest, this leaked video – originally from Spanish site, Hobby Consolas – might paint a clearer picture.


The Last Of Us launches next Friday, exclusively for PlayStation 3. Developer Naughty Dog has already confirmed a string of singleplayer content that will follow the game’s release.

Our review for the full game lands tomorrow afternoon. Be ready.



  1. Do we know if this is the final product? Looks really clunky, and quite rubbish if I’m honest.

    • Hard to tell. Don’t think they had an open beta for the multiplayer, so this is probably footage sourced from a reviewer.

      It definitely looked a little clunky but so too does the singleplayer. It doesn’t have that slick flow of Uncharted, but will no doubt be a cracking slice of multiplayer action.

      • Hmm yeah lacking a little flow. I’m not really interested in the MP section though. All I’m looking forward to is the singleplayer, for which I’ve read, seen or watched anything about.

      • *I’ve NOT read.

  2. It’s interesting, to me. I’m only in this for the single player experience and see the multiplayer aspect as something where all the “actors and actresses” have put on their outfits once more (after “filming” the single player game, as such) but are running around the set shouting “pow… pow… nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh… you’re dead!” and just pissing around.

    Basically, pure sacrilege. :-)

  3. This actually looks really good. The Molotov looks bloody excellent. It is basically Uncharted with a twist, but still looks interesting and different.

  4. For me this game is all about the single player game, but then I said that about Tomb Raider and still spent many happy hours on the multiplayer with fellow TSA members.

    I think sometimes with multiplayer it’s who you’re playing with, rather than what you’re playing, clunky or not it could still be good fun with friends.

  5. That looks cheery. Nothing like beating a man to death with your own fists to raise the spirits. ;-)

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