Analyst Suggests Sony And Microsoft To Stay Clear Of “Used Game” Discussion At E3 Next Week

Whilst Sony have remained stoically silent (or, at best, vague) about their overall plan for used games and the surrounding issue of DRM, Microsoft have repeatedly bumbled their PR regarding the Xbox One’s take on the currently hot topic.


According to one analyst, Cowen & Company’s Doug Creutz, that won’t happen again at E3, with both companies to clearly focus on the games, and not venture into the murky waters we so desperately want clarified.

“For Sony, the challenge is how to differentiate the PS4 from what Microsoft is offering,” says Creutz, “given how badly the PS3 has lagged the 360 in Western markets.”

“We also don’t expect to hear any official word on what the used-game policy will be on next-gen consoles,” he added. “We doubt either Microsoft or Sony will address pricing for current- or next-gen consoles at E3.”

Trade website GamesIndustry says it’s expected that both Microsoft and Sony will “charge consumers who buy games second hand to access the content, ensuring the hardware manufacturers and the publishers receive a cut of used games sales.”

Microsoft have cancelled their usual post-conference press round table, and have apparently informed media that there won’t be any opportunities for interview time with “senior executives to discuss the Xbox One business during E3.”



  1. No questions answered, no price and probably no release date either.

    Do these guys enjoy stringing us along?

  2. Hoping these analysts are wrong. If Microsoft don’t announce prices and release dates at E3 I will be pissed. Granted its basically a given the new consoles will be out by Oct/Nov but I need a concrete release date so I know what day to book off work ;-) Plus I’m curious what I will be able to get with my current £525 budget.

    • This analyst doesn’t know his backside from his elbow. Someone want to point of the PS3 has outsold the Xbox360, despite launching 14 months later and £150 more…

      You know why they call them analysts….

      • ““given how badly the PS3 has lagged the 360 in Western markets.””

        What an idiot… Who wants to guess who is poking this guy to say these dumb things… The same company as usual….

  3. “For Sony, the challenge is how to differentiate the PS4 from what Microsoft is offering,” says Creutz, “given how badly the PS3 has lagged the 360 in Western markets.”

    Western markets? The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in Europe. It was the USA and UK that was reversed. Still, critical markets and I’m keep to hear Sony’s stance on second hand games.

    • I was thinking the same, PS3 was stronger in the old continent. Weird.

      • Probably for them we “nanny state-liberal-communists” mainlanders are not even part of the West xD

      • Ahahahaha :)

    • Ignorance is a bliss, I guess. :P
      Well, Microsoft apparently promised to answer questions about the DRM / used game fiasko before E3, according to Major Nelson. Cancelling the Q&A session afterwards just tells me they do not want to have to answer such hot topics with the public media without getting their PR spin on it, like they can during the conference…

  4. Pricing for the consoles will surely be announced?

    A lot of their target audience has to save up!

    • Exactly, these 10 years old kids need to start doing their chores, milking the goats and delivering news papers not to mention stealing from their mother’s purses if they want to get the new xbox and call of d00dy so they can call each other fags and rage quit when they come up against someone better than them

  5. “ensuring the hardware manufacturers”

    oh right ok, so they want a cut of something they didnt create?

    • They get a healthy cut from new games.

  6. Anyone remember how early the pricing was announced before the release date of this gen’s consoles? I guess seeming they have a similar release date they may try and wait til each other make the announcement.

    • The PS3s pricing was definitely unveiled at e3 2006.

      “Only 599 U.S dollars”
      “So here’s this giant enemy crab”
      “RIIIIIIDGE Racer!!!” *silence*
      “Realtime… weapon change”

      Lol, I loved my PS3 but that was a terrible E3.

      • It was a bad E3, but I think some of Microsofts recent E3 offerings have topped it for the amount of cringe.

        The Kinectimals thing? *shudders*.

      • Oh jese, I’d forgotten about that. Just… awful… lol.

      • That’s how the press spun it. And how urban myth likes it to have happened. It’s utter nonsense however.

        Did you go to E3? I did and your recollection is WAY off the mark.. It’s Microsoft’s report of the Sony conference basically.

        If you are like me, my $599 PS3 is still going strong, and is the best money I ever spent…. That’s alot of years with no hidden extras.. Something Microsoft can’t claim.

  7. If Sony weren’t charging for second hand games surely it would be to their advantage to say so. Since they’ve been keeping quiet it seems to me that they have some kind of pay to play for used games in mind.

  8. Didn’t one of these ‘analysts’ also say, before the next gen consoles were even revealed (including the Wii U), that one of the major console manufacturers wouldn’t even be making hardware for the next gen?

    I would take what any analyst that gets quoted in games journalism says with a massive pinch of salt, to be honest.

  9. Microsoft absolutely HAVE to explain themselves, it’s tantamount to suicide if they don’t.

    Sony on the other hand aren’t quite in the same boat, but it’s an issue that does need clearing up for both companies before it bites them again.

    • Agreed. Microsoft are currently in the situation where they will want to start explaining things to make up for recent weeks, while Sony are the other way round and will want to stay tight-lipped so they aren’t met with the same backlash.

      Of course people with half a brain-cell know the two consoles will have very similar practices on DRM come launch day, but for now Sony are in a good position as they’re coming across as the good guys, (despite actually giving us very little information so far).

      • Sony have already said you can buy a single player game on the PS4 and play it without having the internet at all. That’s not the case with the X1, where you have to sign into the internet – PC style – to register your game, regardless of whether it has an online mode or not.

      • Not sure I agree with that. Sony’s answers were very vague and could easily be misinterpreted. Yes, they said you can be an offline gamer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to activate your newly purchased games, etc.
        Obviously I could be miles off and that would be great for those of you who intend to buy a PS4, but people seem to see Sony this gen as “for the gamers” and all this other nonsense. They are out to make as much money as possible, just like any other company out there with decent business-sense.

  10. Honestly where does this Pachter fella get his info .. oh wait it’s a new pretender.
    With the console due this holiday i’m certain they will give us the price.
    With all the palaver about always-on, always-kinect, and used game drm, Microsft will surely have to say something or their entire presser will be moot.
    The fact that Microsoft have cancelled their post-E3 fQ&A session doesn’t sound good either, at atime when they need to be reassuring their potential customer base.

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