Analyst Suggests Sony And Microsoft To Stay Clear Of “Used Game” Discussion At E3 Next Week

Whilst Sony have remained stoically silent (or, at best, vague) about their overall plan for used games and the surrounding issue of DRM, Microsoft have repeatedly bumbled their PR regarding the Xbox One’s take on the currently hot topic.


According to one analyst, Cowen & Company’s Doug Creutz, that won’t happen again at E3, with both companies to clearly focus on the games, and not venture into the murky waters we so desperately want clarified.

“For Sony, the challenge is how to differentiate the PS4 from what Microsoft is offering,” says Creutz, “given how badly the PS3 has lagged the 360 in Western markets.”

“We also don’t expect to hear any official word on what the used-game policy will be on next-gen consoles,” he added. “We doubt either Microsoft or Sony will address pricing for current- or next-gen consoles at E3.”

Trade website GamesIndustry says it’s expected that both Microsoft and Sony will “charge consumers who buy games second hand to access the content, ensuring the hardware manufacturers and the publishers receive a cut of used games sales.”

Microsoft have cancelled their usual post-conference press round table, and have apparently informed media that there won’t be any opportunities for interview time with “senior executives to discuss the Xbox One business during E3.”



  1. MS not wanting to answer questions is really suspicious to me. Or maybe they’ve learnt from the mis-communications of the X1 reveal and want to be able to prepare proper answers, however we all know what questions gamers want answered.

    • Yes we do… “When the hell is the next Rainbow 6 gonna be out on the PS4? & will it have Terrorist Hunt Mode?”

  2. so, ms cancelling the post conference press event and none of the execs are going to be available for interview either?

    this is their idea of “doing better in terms of being clear”?

    i’d love to see what they think being vague and evasive would be like.

    it doesn’t matter, the truth will come out eventually,i won’t be spending a penny till i know the truth.

    • I agree entirely, I have been saving for a little over a year now and have a nice little bundle tucked away for the next gen.

      I’m now 100% sure that I won’t bother with the X1 unless there is a serious u-turn over the enforced always on kinect and full priced second hand games.

      If Sony take a similar stance then the money will easily cover a top end PC which will play everything I would want to play at Steam Prices. I can live without Halo 17, Killzone 12 and whilst a little sad, Infamous Second Son

  3. Microsoft promised. They didnt say they promised, from a number of different sources too, that the issue of DRM and always online would be answered with full clarity at E3. We can only hope that they are making it part of the E3 slot, just so theres no chance for any questions or feedback, but I cant see them using say 15 mins of their 1.30 hrs to potentially put their console in a poor and negative light.

    And Sony, if you’re reading this, we’re not clowns you know. Noone is going to jump ship to the PS4 just because you’re remaining tight lipped about it all too. Until you actually clear up the matter consider yourself in the same boat as Microsoft.

    If they do try to implement this farce of a strategy, I can confidently predict that neither will enjoy the sales of the past. I for one wont buy either, not for me or my kids. They will sell some, but not enough to make either of them a success story. PC gaming WILL make a tremendous comeback, and once people realise how much cheaper and better it is both Sony & M$ will have a hard job winning these people back.

  4. If MS are not planning on answering any awkward questions after the conference, then they sure as hell better bite the bullet and clarify the whole pre-owed fiasco during it, otherwise they’ll be committing corporate suicide if Sony decide to take the initiative and come clean and bare all during their one later on that evening.

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