Diablo III Launches In September, Also Coming To Xbox 360

Blizzard today confirmed that power-selling dungeon crawler, Diablo III, will be making its way to current-gen consoles on September 3rd.

Since the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, we’ve known that the RPG was bound for Sony platforms but today it has been revealed that an Xbox 360 version was also in the works.


Launching alongside its PS3 counterpart, both versions of the game will include the exclusive “Infernal Helm” item for those who pre-order. The helm, which is available straight from the get-go, will bestow lucky owners with a permanent XP boost, helping them through the early stages.

Diablo III is also due to launch on the PlayStation 4 later this year, but there’s no word currently on a potential Xbox One version.

Source: Battle.Net



  1. Any news on whether it will have Move support?

  2. Really interested in getting this, however there are a few other games out round about the same time (Rayman Legends, Puppeteer and GTA V) that I’m more likely to be playing so I may just wait for the PS4 version.

  3. Love this game on PC, but always felt it would play better with a pad.

    I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

  4. Think I had my fill on PC, not sure at this point I could warrant starting the cycle again unless it gets a big following behind it. It was a good game, but did not break any ground in my opinion.


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