DriveClub Dev Diary Shows Connections, Clubs and Competitive Emphasis

As part of their ongoing “Conversations with creators” series, Sony has released this chat with the guys from Evolution Studios. It’s a five minute look at the upcoming racer and just how well suited the early vision for DriveClub was with Sony’s plans for PlayStation 4.

These “talking heads” videos are a nice way to hear a bit more about the game and also see the guys who are working hard to make what will be the first games we’re all playing on our new PlayStation 4s at the end of this year.



  1. sounds good and more interesting than GT

  2. Agreed, Peter. I think they’re a lovely insight both into the games as well as the devs. Listening to what they talk about is far more important (once we have a basic understanding) as they’re words help to describe the fundamentals like the visuals often can’t because the video isn’t interactive and we don’t have our ten, fleshy digits wrapped around the controller.

  3. I’m looking forward to this game more than any other on PS4.

  4. Although I don;t really like the concept on this, by that I mean the constant (or what appears like constant) feel/need to post and receive challenges, this does sound like it’ll be a very strong launch game!
    As long as they keep their word on it being there for a casual racer who’s not interested in the connectivity then I’ll be keeping my eye on it.

  5. Sounds like my kind of racer.

  6. Looks fantastic and I’ve loved the Motorstorm series, looking forward to this. I am concerned about what the offline content will provide, I hope its massively substatial and supports split-screen, we haven’t heard about that yet and its important for me and my friends who play games

    Guess we’ll find out in due course!

  7. This is definitely the 1st PS4 game I’ll be buying.

  8. Great concept and hopefully successful.
    I can’t help but think back to TDU2 and the apocalyptic mess that was presented as social online section of the game. The console being very capable of producing the goods but the servers and online connnections were make or break…….break in the case of TDU2.
    That would be my only concern for what could be a stunning online experience.
    I think the whole broadband network in the UK needs a severe upgrade to latest standards. It’s like running Unleaded fuel in an old 70’s leaded fuel engine…..overheat happens!

  9. This games sounds epic, I love the GT series but enjoy other non simulation based games like NFS shift etc and this sounds like a great game with lots of potential. I always want an exciting racing game to play with myself and friends in my collection and im hoping this will end up being the one as its by a great studio and I loved the motostorm stuff.

  10. Bit late to this. Akin to my braking at corners really. DriveClub is shaping up to be brilliant. The ideas present could define this console cycle. Maybe we’ll still be playing DriveClub seven years after launch.

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