Respawn’s First Game Leaks Via GameInformer Cover – TitanFall

[drop2]GameInformer is usually quite protective over its big exclusive cover stars. Not so this month, it seems. According to a poster over on NeoGAF, their digital subscription just downloaded the cover image to their Android tablet a little bit early.

Respawn’s first game since the formation of the company after West and Zampella’s big split with Infinity Ward and Activision has leaked. As hinted by domain registrations and numerous rumours, it’s called TitanFall.

Somewhat predictably, it’s touted as having a “bold vision for next-gen multiplayer”, something that Infinity Ward’s games went most of the way to defining for this generation of home consoles with the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty games.

There aren’t too many details yet – expect those to come in the next few days and from LA next week during E3 – but it looks like it features a female hero (already one up on the Call of Duty games then…) and big mechs. Also, shooting. Lot’s of shooting. In court documents seen during legal wranglings with their former employers, this one was listed as an Xbox 360 exclusive so we’ll have to wait and see if it will spread its wings, hop up to be an Xbox One exclusive or remain on Microsoft’s soon-to-be last-gen hardware.


  1. Shaping up to be TitanFall vs Destiny?

    • vs. Battlefield 4 vs. Ghosts.

      I’m hoping the former two will shake things up a bit. Sick and tired of the same shooters every year.

      I moan, I know, but somehow still end up buying them…

  2. Well if this is Xbox One exclusive it would explain where a fair chunk of that 1billion MS has spent has gone, 3 years development from NUInfinityWard will be well over $100m

    Also it would mean I couldn’t care less, the last thing I want to play is another Space Marine Shooty game, even if it is Space Marine Shooty Game With Breasts.

  3. I don’t know why it would be exclusive to Microsoft consoles. Not unless they want the company to go bust. Devs costs are too high to be a 3rd party exclusive.

    • MS would have to cough up the money that would match estimated PC + PS4 sales.
      The guys at Respawn would probably want their game to be played by as many people as possible, however EA won’t care too much as long as they get their money at the end of the day.

      • Surely ea would want it on as many systems as possible if they get a cut of every copy sold. The PS4 is more powerful avid easy to develope for than the XBone.

      • EA don’t care how many systems it’s on, they just want the $$$. If EA expect to make X amount of money from PS4 sales, MS will have to pay EA that X amount of money to make up for the exclusivity. That X amount of money will of course include the price of the game, plus expected DLC revenue.

      • The article states that they wanted to stick with one console for now as its quite an ambitious project and they’re still learning the ins and outs of the X1.
        Whether that is just BS and actually its because Microsoft coughed up a sizable amount of cash is anyone’s guess, but Respawn sound keen to bring out future titles on additional platforms.

      • They’ve used the excuse (got this from information from the article over on GAF) that it’s because they use the Xbox Ones cloud power as to why it’s on that platform, seemingly neglecting the fact there is a 360 and PC version in development, and they also hinted at a possible PS4 version in the future. It’s obvious that mega amounts of money was splashed here.

        I’m also sick of all this hyping up the cloud nonsense like it’s revolutionary. It isn’t, and Digital Foundry did an excellent article on it.

      • So if they’ve used the excuse it’s only on the Xbox One because of the Cloud power it must mean you have to always be online to play. lol

  4. Sci-fi shooters aren’t really my thing, but these guys set the benchmark for the MMS (Modern Military Shooter) genre, so I’ll be excited for whatever they release. I just really hope it isn’t an X1 exclusive.

  5. Oooo! I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Respawn have been working on. Colour me intrigued.

  6. Interested to see how far the Respawn reach is – how many of the millions of COD players take note of the developers, or would be aware these guys jumped ship from Infinity Ward.

    If they are expecting COD-like sales I suspect they might be in for a shock. Don’t think many of those will be ditching COD to get into a sci-fi shooter.

    And I presume there will be legal restrictions on them actually saying ‘from the makers of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ in the advertising?

    • I should add if it comes to Playstation formats I’m interested to play it. Just wonder how many COD’ers will be…

  7. I hope it’s not exclusive to the Xbox One. Microsoft back to money hatting I suppose. I’ll just wait for this to inevitably turn up on the PS4.

    Regardless, I’m interested to see what gameplay looks like as it sounds quite intriguing from reading the GAF thread.

  8. well, one of my favourite FPS series is the Halo games, so who knows.

    and hey, the possibility of a female lead in an FPS.

    i don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
    happy that they’re doing it, possibly, or sad that it’s so rare an occurrence that when it does happen it’s noteworthy.

    and i can’t see this being exclusive.

    they didn’t hire West and Zampella because they liked their names, they hired them and their team because they want to deliver COD numbers.
    they’re not gonna get those kind of numbers going exclusive.

    i’d expect exclusive content, and timed dlc, but the game itself will, i believe, be multiformat.

  9. If it’s anything to do with COD I’m out. Can’t think of anything worse in a next gen multiplayer game than literally running around in a 4m circle constantly firing a futuristic shotgun. Luckily it may not arrive on the PS4. lol

  10. Rumor has it this will be a timed exclusive.
    I love the fact that they said it would be too ambitious for current gen consoles and it couldn’t be done, yet an outside party is on 360 port duties…
    This leak was probably one of the centerpieces of Microsoft’s E3 conference.
    I think I’ll be just fine with Destiny and Planetside 2 on the PS4.

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