Sony Set To Switch Off The White Knight Chronicles And Buzz! Servers

We’re all getting used to this kind of thing by now, and it’s an unfortunately necessary part of online multiplayer gaming. At least they’re waiting a while before they throw the switch.

Sony has announced that it will be switching off the servers for White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles II on June 18th 2013. That means that the online portions of those games will no longer be playable.

In addition, on August 2nd 2013, they’re switching off the online portions of Buzz!: Quiz-TV, Buzz!: Quiz-World, Buzz!: Brain of (the UK, etc.) and Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz. The single player portions will remain playable but any online functionality will be lost.

On September 15th, the Vita will lose online functions from MLB 12: The Show.

We assume that Sony monitors the amount of traffic going through these severs and only switches them off when that usage slows to become almost non-existant but it’s sure to be annoying to someone. I know someone who only bought a couple of the Buzz! games a couple of weeks ago, for example. At least the offline game modes will continue to function as normal – imagine if we were headed for an online-only console future…

Source: PlayStation


  1. If we ever got to an online only console future, then that would be my cue to quit gaming sadly

    • well said, same goes for me too. Same goes for this gen.

  2. Shame if there’s multiplayer trophies to be had for a platinum.

    • Either Quiz TV or Quiz World (I can’t remember which) hasn’t been awarding many of the MP trophies for at least two years. No idea why, but it has been impossible to get Platinum for all that time. I know – I tried.

  3. If they are going to knock servers off for games with online trophies then they should release a patch that will automatically award the trophies otherwise platinum becomes impossible. Yeah I know that those trophies wouldnt be ‘earned’ so maybe they could have their image switched or the description altered to state that is was given and not earned.

    Theres a list of games on of impossible platinums either due to server shutdown or because a trophy was linked to a seasonal/time specific event

  4. I used to enjoy playing the Buzz Quiz Online but used to notice only the same handful of people playing and that must of been at least 3 years ago so I don’t blame then really. Shame though.

  5. I was going for the Buzz Quiz TV platinum last year but there’s so few players online that its been a tough slog. I can understand why the servers need to be shut down if no ones using them, but I’d like to see more peer-to-peer options to replace the servers. Quiz TV is a very different game online compared to off, it’s a shame to be losing that part of the game.

    • I’ll add you if you lett me, make sure that you and I get that platinum.

      • I don’t think ill bother thanks, haven’t got the time to sink into it before August, kind of you to offer though :)

      • So you don’t want to add me :'(

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooactually I’m ok with that.

  7. I think I can help you with that. I need most online trophies for Buzz Quizz TV, a TSA-meet?

    Overall it is a bummer, servers shutting down. One off my main reasons to take it slow with buying new games at the moment is the back logg I have. Since I only play a few hours a week, makes this a real challange.

    I hate to see to servers go list:
    Bad Company
    Burnout paradise
    Bad company 2
    Motor Storm appocalyse
    Fifa 12

    I think I should concentrate on 1 game at the time.

    • I’d be up for a Buzz meet. I need most of the online trophies for all the games. Had problems meeting anyone online when I eventually found my way there.

      • I’ll add you later today.

      • Too late. Gaztee has already added ron_mcphatty & they’ve already got the platinum without you! ;)

      • Nooooooo, the horror !

      • LOL! I work nights atm, but will do my best to help in getting this Platted before they drop the servers!

  8. Sad if there are online trophies but this game is pretty old now, right? Finished it when I finally decided to get WKC2 (which included the first game) but haven’t touched the online component or WKC2.

  9. maybe i can pick up a preowned copy of WKC2 a bit cheaper now.

    i guess those who paid for an online pass won’t be able to get a refund will they?

    i still wouldn’t mind picking up a copy of the PSP game as well at some point.
    i think i’ve only ever seen like one copy of it.

  10. If no one is playing the online portion isn’t it already gone even if the servers are still there.

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