The Last Of Us PSN Download Is 35GB

The Last Of Us is a brilliant game – scoring 10/10 in our comprehensive (spoiler free) review. And whilst you’ll be able to grab it from retail shops next week, some might want to download the game so it’s always there on the hard drive.


Well – be warned – it’s a big one. Early reports (the game is already available to pre-order from certain PSN territories) indicate the game is 35GB in size.

The full game will use the same system the demo did, where you download a smaller initial application (approximately 200MB) and then the full game will magically download from there. Apparently this way is quicker, although that’ll depend on your internet connection of course.

Of course, there’s a chance that the final install will be smaller than 35GB – the PSN tends to double up so it can download and unpack – but given Naughty Dog’s alternative downloading method we reckon the full thing is 35GB.

Update: we’ve been pointed to the European release, which is 25GB.



  1. Wait, so the EU version is 10 GB smaller than the US version? My guess would be that it’s the other way around with all the languages the EU version has to support…

    • It’s because of all the warnings and legal bs in the US version.

  2. Most old PS3 phatties can forget about that then unless the upgrade fairy visited

  3. It’s not the hard disc space that’s the killer, it’s my 10GB a month broadband limit…!

    • I’m glad I dont have any data limit to my broadband conection. downloaded about 40GB of…. stuff about 2 says ago. 10GB limit would have killed me… and my internet conection.

  4. It’s not the HDD or the bandwidth, for me, it’s Sony’ hilarious upload speed (to us) that smarts. :-(

  5. Wowzers! Even 25GB is huge. I imagine a few people will make the purchase without realising and then find they haven’t got the space!

  6. It would be faster for me to buy it over the Internet rather than download it, so I think I will :)

    • You can trade in the hard copy too.

  7. I am more worried about next-gen(PS4) games that are over 50GB on Blu-ray discs? How will they fit on a normal 50GB Blu-ray? Do we have to swap discs like the old(or now(still) Xbox 360 :D ) days? Why isn’t SONY putting a 100GB XL(not sure what is called) Blu-ray drive in the PS4 for? Hmm…

    • It should still be fine, really. Often a lot of space on each disc is used up by doubling of data, to work around the PS3’s rather slow BD drive. Naughty Dog also kicked off techniques by which loading times were masked behind rendered cinematic videos.

      Next gen these videos will able to be subjected to much higher rates of compression on newer video codecs, which mean they’ll take up much less space. Similarly, there are techniques by which 3D videos can be merged with 2D files, and this would reduce the duplication there. Or they could find that the faster drive lets them handle cinematics live and in-engine.

      It’s not going to be a big deal for a good few years yet, anyway.

  8. I pre-ordered from the store last night and the file i got was 135mb for the game. Im guessing that on friday am the game will start downloading when auto updates start?

    • So you can’t download the full game yet then? I’m thinking about getting off the store but with my internet it’ll take ages, so i’m hoping you can get it done before

  9. Neil Druckman said that the digital version of TLoU will be downloaded straight from ND’s servers, so it should be much faster, and you also only need as much free space on your hard drive as the game takes up.

  10. overnight?

    have you ever tried downloading a big file over the PSN?

    over a fortnight would be more accurate.

    • Maybe it is time to invest in a better internet connection, I’ve downloaded 20GB over night.

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