The Undead Rise In Latest Hellraid Trailer

With a barrage of next-gen blockbusters waiting just around the corner, Techland has launched a pre-emptive strike with its E3 trailer for Hellraid.

Grounded in a dark fantasy setting, the Polish studio’s latest game combines swords, spells, and hordes of the undead in what appears to be a twisted, medieval take on the popular Dead Island franchise. Think Skyrim, but slightly more action-orientated.


Hellraid is said to feature three-player online co-op and a mode dubbed “Game Master” as well as randomly-generated levels for parties looking to test their mettle.

We have no official release date, though Hellraid is currently slated for a 2013 launch.



  1. I’m not really into medieval, swords & shields or hack and slash – and as such Skyrim didn’t appeal to me, however if this runs as smoothly as it looks, I could be interested as it looks quite impressive.

  2. Okay, this has made me laugh. Dead Island Riptide, as much fun as it was to me, was accused of using some “old” assets from the first one. Now, what I find particularly funny is that they’re doing it again! Notice the height and build of the “thug” in this trailer? Also, it’s the same special zombie sound sample for the chap in the stocks. That’s the Ram’s noise when he charges and this guy is doing the same.

    Stiiiiillll…. that doesn’t mean it won’t be a lovely co-op romp through some awesome environments and head-chopping action. Count me in.

  3. Would be one I would want to demo on first, firstly due to Dead Island reference – not a fan and secondly as video visuals looked only okay in my opinion.


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