Daylight Announced For PS4

On last night’s GTTV it was confirmed that Zombie Studios’ Daylight will be releasing on PS4.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, the game was originally announced as a PC exclusive. Set in a derelict apartment building, players must guide a stranded woman through the tower, using her cellphone to extract clues and find a way out.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Daylight is its use of randomly-generated content. Every time players enter a new location the layout will change, meaning no two survivors will share the experience.

This is the second PlayStation 4 title coming from the Seattle-based developer. Shortly after the console’s debut it was confirmed that free-to-play online shooter, Blacklight: Retribution, would grace its launch line-up.

Atlus has already been confirmed as the publisher.


  1. This sounds cool actually having different levels to each user. It’s also open to a lot of bugs probably.

  2. Looks like a pretty creepy game.

    • Looks like a pretty creepy SHIT game.

      • Yeah… it’s not often I say this but that looked terrible! Will need to see more of it to be conclusive but, my god, that was Grade A Crap! :-)

  3. Looks pretty average to me, dont expect this to make many waves – i suppose it would be a keeper though with the random generated content, sorts the trade in problem…

    • I wouldn’t expect this to be retail… surely it would be download only?
      Hopefully PS4/One will get Outlast, that looks REALLY scary.

  4. interesting.

    capcom may not be in the survival horror business any more, but there are some still keeping the genre alive.

    and the randomised nature of the levels should mean any scarry bits will actually be shocking on replay, because you won’t know where or when to expect them.

    though i do hope they can do more than just jump scares.

  5. Having seen this and Lococycle, for all those who were screaming 12 months ago (not on here i hasten to add :-) ) that we so badly needed the Next generation consoles NOW god damnit as graphics engines and Sony/MS console hardware showing their age, was this honestly what you expected?.

    I never ‘went much’ on the Unreal 4 tech demo.all the talk of particle effects, lighting, lens flare etc and it did’nt look all that as for this? 2nd gen 360 title at best.Is this a low budget game?.

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