What We Played #108: Super Hexagon, Stickets and Metro

What We Played

Kris has a new phone. A new iPhone 5 to be precise and apparently it “can do everything”. I’m assuming that he doesn’t literally mean everything. At the very least he’s pleased that it can run more games than his old 3G could.

The game receiving the most stroking now he can actually play it has been Super Hexagon, thanks mainly to the Game Center leaderboards and the ‘friendly’ rivalries friend-populated leaderboards have a tendency to inspire.


Having worked his way to the top of said boards he made the fatal mistake of bragging about his achievement to “one of the guys at work” who promptly set about reclaiming his former top-spot. Kris is now busy attempting his own reclamation. And so the death spiral begins…

He’s also been playing Pudding Monsters which he says is something like a turn-based Cut The Rope which isn’t the easiest thing to imagine. He does note that it’s “probably more enjoyable” for being “less frantic” as it’s “nice to have time to think about the solution”.

Then there’s Scribblenauts Unlimited, which I actually thought was a little bit rubbish. The whole write what you want mechanic is fine, but the interface just isn’t particularly good. I often fumble placing elements in the world, which is removing the enjoyment a bit, replacing it with rage and frustration.

Peter’s also been iPhoning with “an odd little puzzle game” called Stickets.  He did try and explain it but I couldn’t picture what he was on about.  There’s a grid, coloured squares forming right angles and you have to make groups of coloured squares or something.

His explanation probably does make sense if you’ve not spent the day in eight hours of Powerpoint presentations like me, so it could very well be fun.  He does admit to not being very good at it though.  The PS Plus-provided Rayman Legends on his PS Vita has soothed his addled mind somewhat.

Reviewing Metro: Last Light kept Aran busy for a while and it scored a “worth playing” rating.  He’s caught between trying to decide if Rayman Origins is this generation’s Ghouls’n’Ghosts or the “Demon’s Souls of 2D platformers”. Do you think he found it a bit tough and unforgiving?

He did complete it though. He’s also dipped his toe into Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and is “enjoying it so far”, especially the fact that you can name your weapons. Presumably he’s coming up with names better than ‘Long’, ‘Short’ and ‘Spiky’.

DanToo (who may soon earn an upgrade if Dan[One] continues his absence from What We Played) has played “an hour or two” of Arcania: The Complete Tale.  It’s had him cringing and laughing “for all the wrong reasons” not least the “terribly weak love story” that kicks things off.

He’s hoping it picks up soon as the few small bit of combat he’s played “have been enjoyable”. Velocity Ultra also saw some of its zones replayed and he reckons that somewhere around Zone 37 there’s a “4 TSA” message to be seen.

With his house move “happily settling down” Dom has managed to transfer his Monster Hunter save off of his Wii U and onto his 3DS and is busy “grinding [his] socks off trying to get parts for some armour”.

If he has to grind them off, I’d suggest his socks are sufficiently armoured already. Either that or he’s been wearing the same pair since before his house move having packed all the others in one of the many boxes. Ewww.

His house move can’t have been expensive enough as he’s splurged £15 on Assassin’s Creed 3 and £12 on NBA 2K13 “despite having loads of other games to play”.  Maybe those other games are still lost in the same box as his other socks?

Dear old Tuffcub is still not enamoured of Dead Space 3 “which looks worse than Dead Space” so he’s mostly stuck to Killzone 3.  Oh, and one other decidedly odd game.

For some reason I decided to purchase “The Sexy Seashore” from PlayStation Mobile. A very basic side scrolling shooter with a cat. The best bit – as you can see from the screenshots, is the brilliantly awful Engrish! “There are some ladies tanned so remarkably!”

See for yourselves:

How marvellously Japanese!  Perhaps not one to put near the top of your wanted list though.  

What did your wants lead you to play this week?



  1. Nothing for me this week really; Bit of Gears of War online but that’s about it.
    Got my X1 pre-ordered on Saturday so I probably won’t be spending much on this generation from now on


    • Tuffcub (first of all sorry about the hate message a while ago, which was mainly “f%$# this s&*^, shit unbalanced game, I’m not playing KZ3 any more”) did you buy the map pack for KZ3 which is now in a great price drop at the PSN Store? :Let’s play the new maps. Been playing since yesterday. Design and gameplay on them is great.

      • Oh no, not looked. Wil go check now (yay webstore!)

      • Also used the web store at work. Sent the DLC to download query on console. Asked my wife to turn on PS3 with TV. When I was home everything was done.

        SCIENCE !!!!!!!!!! FUTURE !!!!!!

      • Got em, but Remember Me has just landed on my desk so that will be this weekends gaming.

  3. I finished my Dead Space 3 Classic playthrough, and all the mopping up trophies. Now I just need to finish my Pure Survivor playthrough with McProley, and do my Hardcore playthrough for the plat – although the latter will probably have to wait until after The Last of Us.

    I’m also half way through The Darkness II…….Johnny Powell is probably one of the best game characters I’ve come accross in a while. The gameplay is solid, but a bit limited and repetitive. However the game just works as it’s good fun, and the levels are short and usually end just before the repetition kicks in, and the story is much better than I had expected and delivered really well – very pleased with it for £9.50.

    On Vita I’ve just been playing a few more games of my Manager career as Dortmund.

    • I really enjoyed The Darkness II. I found it great fun, I especially loved Mike Patton voicing the darkness,as he is a legend :)

      • Yeah, it’s a great game – I’d certainly pre-order the third game, if they make one! I don’t think the gameplay is anything special, but the story and characters are really good!

  4. Platinum zero virtue reward whatever it’s called for the vita, I hate Japanese games officially, why do they emphasise on talking do much & less gameplay.

    Been playing prototype 2, fun game, it’s no infamous but still as fun with funny floating people bugs. Also some limbo & coconut doge on the vita

  5. For me it’s mainly Dark Souls. The game is incredibly engaging. You just cannot let it go for a longer period. The curiosity of each step or “what’s behind this white wall?” is just to much. Also tried to help some other people and it’s great fun to challenge the big bossed in a 2-3 team. I really recommend this to everyone who has not touched it yet. Don’t be afraid of the difficulty level, if you put enough effort into it it’s not that hard. You just need to be careful – this is no COD.

    Of course a lot of BF3 as always with my friends, but I bought yesterday all DLC map packs for KZ3 (price drop at store!) so probably will move to the Guerilla studios shooter for a while. Tuffcub care to join?

    • Just wait untill some fucker invades you and lagstabs you to death after earning thousands of souls or dying and losing 40k souls. Or Lagtown. Aside from that, it is very enjoyable and easy in some parts once you’ve figured out how to solve it. I think it takes me an hour or two to get to Capra Demon instead of days. :-o

      • Had that a lot of times. You can always run back for it :) You also learn by it how and when to use humanity and walk in human form. That’s also a big part of the game, so big that when the recent fixed glitch (which totally messed up the game in online mode, while offline everything was fine) appeared I completely lost interest in playing DS. The online/invading/summoning/messages features are so well implemented in the game it feels like their are a part of the single player game. DS is unique and brilliant in so many ways.
        I played a lot, but never something like this.

        The whole game is about learning, gaining knowledge and training to use your strengths to the limits. Depending on how you create your character and what weapon you favour.

  6. I definitely haven’t been wearing the same socks since moving – my wife has a rule about that sort of thing!

    • The look of your avatar tells me you haven’t brushed your teeth tho.

  7. Experienced a glitch with Knife of Dunwall dlc which has stopped me progressing, so i jumped back into the main game for another playthrough, such an easy game to get back into too.
    I tried Demon Souls and wasn’t doing too badly but one ‘unfair’ death after a few hours playing was enough for me.
    I’m getting on better with Kingdoms of Amalur, didn’t know you could name your weapons though so i’ll have some fun with that later on ;)

  8. i’ve been playing a bit of 10000000 on my kindle, it was one of the free apps they have on the kindle store every day.
    i’ve got about 7 million, i’ve bought all the upgrades, but i still haven’t managed to reach that magical 10 million yet.

    the trouble is when i get further in and i start running out of time i get flustered and can’t see where to make the matches.

    the way you slide whole columns or rows throws me a little as well, it means some of the matches aren’t so obvious, to me at least.

    still a fun little game.

    also i got the Akinator app the other day, that’s quite addictive as well, trying to think of an obscure character that it can’t guess.
    i’ve beat it like three times out of forty attempts.

    some of the time when it gets it right, i just don’t know how it does it, sometimes it seems like there’s no way it could have enough information to know who you’re talking about but then it gets it right.

    i keep saying one last go, then it gets it right and i just want to go again to try to beat it.

    there’s a web version you can try.
    just don’t blame me if you don’t get any work done for the rest of the day. ^_^

  9. Well I’ve finally got the new house sorted and have the internet back!
    This week I’ve gone back to tomb raider to mop up a few trophies,and was impressed as they had patched that annoying trophy,with buying the general :)

    Also been playing NFS most wanted on the vita,and big thanks to Cam_Manutd for the help with a couple of things,and thanks to the crazy one we know as Del for his offer of help as well!
    I also started playing coconut dodge,it’s good fun.

  10. Played through Homefront. Just about worth the fiver I paid for it, but that’s about it. Then picked up FIFA 13 for £15 in Asda, so got a career started on that. Some nice new additions from FIFA 12. Will keep me occupied until FIFA 14 is cheap in a years time!

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