What We Played #108: Super Hexagon, Stickets and Metro

What We Played

Kris has a new phone. A new iPhone 5 to be precise and apparently it “can do everything”. I’m assuming that he doesn’t literally mean everything. At the very least he’s pleased that it can run more games than his old 3G could.

The game receiving the most stroking now he can actually play it has been Super Hexagon, thanks mainly to the Game Center leaderboards and the ‘friendly’ rivalries friend-populated leaderboards have a tendency to inspire.


Having worked his way to the top of said boards he made the fatal mistake of bragging about his achievement to “one of the guys at work” who promptly set about reclaiming his former top-spot. Kris is now busy attempting his own reclamation. And so the death spiral begins…

He’s also been playing Pudding Monsters which he says is something like a turn-based Cut The Rope which isn’t the easiest thing to imagine. He does note that it’s “probably more enjoyable” for being “less frantic” as it’s “nice to have time to think about the solution”.

Then there’s Scribblenauts Unlimited, which I actually thought was a little bit rubbish. The whole write what you want mechanic is fine, but the interface just isn’t particularly good. I often fumble placing elements in the world, which is removing the enjoyment a bit, replacing it with rage and frustration.

Peter’s also been iPhoning with “an odd little puzzle game” called Stickets.  He did try and explain it but I couldn’t picture what he was on about.  There’s a grid, coloured squares forming right angles and you have to make groups of coloured squares or something.

His explanation probably does make sense if you’ve not spent the day in eight hours of Powerpoint presentations like me, so it could very well be fun.  He does admit to not being very good at it though.  The PS Plus-provided Rayman Legends on his PS Vita has soothed his addled mind somewhat.

Reviewing Metro: Last Light kept Aran busy for a while and it scored a “worth playing” rating.  He’s caught between trying to decide if Rayman Origins is this generation’s Ghouls’n’Ghosts or the “Demon’s Souls of 2D platformers”. Do you think he found it a bit tough and unforgiving?

He did complete it though. He’s also dipped his toe into Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and is “enjoying it so far”, especially the fact that you can name your weapons. Presumably he’s coming up with names better than ‘Long’, ‘Short’ and ‘Spiky’.

DanToo (who may soon earn an upgrade if Dan[One] continues his absence from What We Played) has played “an hour or two” of Arcania: The Complete Tale.  It’s had him cringing and laughing “for all the wrong reasons” not least the “terribly weak love story” that kicks things off.

He’s hoping it picks up soon as the few small bit of combat he’s played “have been enjoyable”. Velocity Ultra also saw some of its zones replayed and he reckons that somewhere around Zone 37 there’s a “4 TSA” message to be seen.

With his house move “happily settling down” Dom has managed to transfer his Monster Hunter save off of his Wii U and onto his 3DS and is busy “grinding [his] socks off trying to get parts for some armour”.

If he has to grind them off, I’d suggest his socks are sufficiently armoured already. Either that or he’s been wearing the same pair since before his house move having packed all the others in one of the many boxes. Ewww.

His house move can’t have been expensive enough as he’s splurged £15 on Assassin’s Creed 3 and £12 on NBA 2K13 “despite having loads of other games to play”.  Maybe those other games are still lost in the same box as his other socks?

Dear old Tuffcub is still not enamoured of Dead Space 3 “which looks worse than Dead Space” so he’s mostly stuck to Killzone 3.  Oh, and one other decidedly odd game.

For some reason I decided to purchase “The Sexy Seashore” from PlayStation Mobile. A very basic side scrolling shooter with a cat. The best bit – as you can see from the screenshots, is the brilliantly awful Engrish! “There are some ladies tanned so remarkably!”

See for yourselves:

How marvellously Japanese!  Perhaps not one to put near the top of your wanted list though.  

What did your wants lead you to play this week?



  1. After finishing Crysis I had a look through my dusty collection to see if there was anything I didn’t finish.
    I found Bioshock… yes, the original… I really didn’t get into it first time round and haven’t touched any of the later games because of this, but decided I really should give it another go.
    Firstly – I’ve no idea why I gave up on it first time round.
    Secondly – it’s really good.

    I also found Dead Space which I’ve hardly touched so I’ll be giving that a go once I’ve done with Bioshock – that is if I can resist the urge to get Last Of Us

    • Play Dead Space, its awesome!!

      • Cheers, I will do.
        I liked the look of it when I first started playing but just never got that far into it before something more shiny grabbed my attention.
        I’ve set myself the target of completing these unfinished/forgotten games before I spend any more money.

  2. all i have been doing is play Pokémon Emerald on my newly bought Nintendo 3DSXL!

    havn’t played anything else the last 1 and ½ week! nothing mentionable atleast…. =D

  3. Been pretty busy this week. Played through Thomas Was Alone. It’s a good game but I wouldn’t put it above Bastion when it comes to comparing Indy games.
    I also played through Hotline Miami and I have totally misjudged this game before. This game is absolutely brilliant and the soundtrack might be one of the best of this generation for me.
    Still chugging through Dokey Kong Country Returns 3D but I’m kind of saving that for my flight to Fuerteventura and back. :)

  4. I’ve been having a blast from the past and been playing Super Stardust HD since it was last on my deceased phat PS3. I now have a feeling I may have played through the game originally on Easy to get trophies as the its bloody hard on normal!

  5. For the third week in a row I’ve been mainly playing Terraria, although maybe not quite as much as the last two weeks as I’ve also been playing Grid 2.

  6. Played DD:DA. Am taking a break from it as i struggled to play it for more then an hour. I have been playing it for more then a month so that explains why. Played Dishonoured. Deleted it due to controller making it not fun to play. Played Hitman:BM. Tis good and am currently stuck on Flatline. Played UC3. The ship and plane level. Still maintain that the ship was not needed. And booted up Skyrim before deciding to leave that as i may be picking up the Legendary Edition if i can find a copy for £20. Most likely a supermarket will do it for that price if my local ones stock it.

    • I know that Dragons Dogma is a really good game (loved the demo)., but would you please compare it to Dark Souls? I imagine it as a more “accesible”, more story driven and less darker.

      • It is just like Dark Souls but more forgiving and the plot is delievered in the traditional sense instead of the bare bones approach that DS went for. It worked for Dark Souls because of the way From set it up. DD can be brutal at times but it really a case of figuring out what works best for you. Oh and the combat is faster paced then Dark Souls so a missed blow doesn’t always mean you will die.

      • Thanks. So, it is basically just like I imagined.

  7. very late for me, I appologise. Actually about 3 weeks late if we are counting. Been epic busy with being abroad etc etc. In the world of gaming i havent really touched anythging until; this week. Crazy_Del and Heedbaw deserve all the love I can throw at them for helping me with Two Worlds 2 Co op and competitive online which allowed me to nab the platinum. Thank you so much guys. And, unless ive missed it or i haven’t read the table properly, i beleive its the fastes too. Only 2 and a half years after release but whos counting? thats it for gaming really been doing most of my time with music so i’ll share with you lovely people when the time is right

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