Forza 5 Teased With In-Game Footage

With only a little over 24 hours until Microsoft’s E3 conference, a new teaser trailer for Forza Motorsport 5 has just been released, consisting of entirely in-game footage.

It might only be twenty seconds long but it’s definitely enough to drum up hype for a full reveal tomorrow. It looks fantastic – Forza has always strived for realism with the visuals and the extra power of the Xbox One could create the best looking virtual cars yet.

We’re ready and waiting at the metaphorical starting line for Microsoft’s conference at 5.30pm tomorrow and we can’t wait to see more of this.

Source: YouTube



  1. Bad trailer and love the like-dislike ratio. Haha

    • The dislikes seem to be directed at Microsoft’s new game ownership policies, rather than this trailer, which I thought looked rather good.

  2. Looks quite good but I’m afraid my eyes are on GT6 instead.

    • Indeed. No interest in the Forza arcade racer. Gran Turismo is the proper racer.

  3. Didn’t do anything for me.

  4. It looks nice but it isn’t grabbing me like Drive Club or GT6! I’m sure the Forza faithful will love it though :)

  5. All in-game footage, but no gameplay. Suspicious.

    • Is it? It will surely play just like Forza 4, but with tweaks and improvements to the handling and physics.

      This teases and shows off the capabilities of the graphics engine. That’s all it wants to do, too, since they’ll be saving the rest for the main show tomorrow.

  6. No real way to guess how the gameplay will shape-up but I’m sure the tease of wonderful graphics will win over many folk. Hell, it’s worked for decades for the entire industry! :-)

    • Well… other than it being the 5th main game in a series of near-sim racing… ;)

      • Yeah but look at GT franchise. That’s still getting things right but it appears to win over people every release still. Forza does the same.

        If one of them went multi-plat it would destroy the other or at least do huge damage.

  7. Nice, but GT6 and Drive Club are the racer’s that are in my sights.

  8. I’ll stick with Driveclub and GT6 thanks, but cool video regardless :)

  9. <3 Forza!
    Will be my day one purchase if I get the X1 over the PS4

  10. For all we know this could be their version of photo mode. Ingame does not mean gameplay, so who knows if there aren’t some after effects thrown into the mix here.
    Drive Club still looks more impressive.

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