Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Is Coming To Mobile Devices

If you were wondering why we spent all that money and effort travelling all the way to Los Angeles for E3 this week, here’s one reason: we know that Stranger’s Wrath is coming to iOS and other mobile platforms soon.

After an impromptu meet up with Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray and Oddworld Inhabitant’s Lorne Lanning, we’ve seen and played a little bit of Stranger’s Wrath running on iPhone.


It’s not ready yet, and there’s still a way to go but it works better than most other third (or first) person games we’ve seen on the platform and aside from a few tweaks to the button overlays, it feels very playable already. It also looks and plays very much like the full Xbox (and, more recently, HD PlayStation) classic in all its glory.

Stewart told us that it uses the original Xbox assets (and looks perfectly lovely) but it should also be possible to import some of the fancy HD assets that the PlayStation versions made use of as work on the mobile port continues. Lorne mentioned that it should also work perfectly well with Android mobile devices and that controller pairing shouldn’t be an issue there either.

We’re very friendly with Just Add Water, who did a fantastic job moving Stranger onto other platforms recently but they’re not handling the iOS port themselves – they’re very busy at the moment so that task falls into the capable hands of Square One Games (The Bard’s Tale) who seem to be doing a great job so far.

And the funny thing is, Lorne wasn’t really supposed to start showing it off just yet. Tonight’s meeting was just about saying hello and getting a quick drink with one of our favourite studio heads and an industry legend (seriously, Lorne Lanning is captivating). It’s okay though, we were suitably impressed and although we assumed this would be off the record when he pulled his iPhone out, both Lorne and Stewart were sufficiently proud of how the port is coming along that they were happy for us to let the world know that it’s in the works.



  1. Love those guys. Hopefully we’ll hear about their PS4 project and Abe’s Oddysee New n Tasty!

  2. Sounds great, it’s going on the list of games I’ll be buying when I can upgrade my phone! Very nice of the JAW guys to give you the scoop too, seems like a good start to the trip! Hope you’re all having a good time in L.A.

  3. Mission Accomplished.
    You’re coming home now, right? ;-)

  4. Nice way to start off the week, getting a scoop while having a few. :)
    I’m looking forward to seeing what JAW have in store for PS4.

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