Dragon Age III Reveal Coming Tonight

For a while now there have been whispers of a new Dragon Age game in the pipeline at BioWare. Though the series does not enjoy the same level of exposure as sci-fi epic, Mass Effect, it has done well in rallying a solid, hardcore following.

Amid vague glimpses of artwork and since-amended resume leaks, we may finally get our first proper look at Dragon Age III later today. At least that’s the message coming from franchise executive producer, Mark Darrah:


You can catch EA’s press conference, tonight at 9PM.



  1. Hopefully it is more like Origins than II.

  2. I have Dragon Age 1, but never played it. I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 & 3. Is Dragon Age basically a medieval Mass Effect?

    • Pretty much, definitely worth playing though.

      • Ah cool. I’m not really into dungeons & dragons stuff and generally prefer sci-fi, but will give it a shot. Cheers!

    • Depends what you like, although since you liked ME, you could like this one. Me as an jRPG player found it rather boring with no place for item looting or exp farming. Story is great, thou.

  3. New trailer of the animated movie? :P

  4. Spin off iOS title! >_>

    • Don’t you dare even hint as much! :D

  5. A wee bit off topic but, where’s the best place to watch all the E3 conferences??

  6. hopefully this one will have more than six environments.

  7. I played either the 1st or 2nd game (one with witch called Morganna??) but I really enjoyed it, so may have a closer look at this one.

    • That was DA:Origins and the character was Morigan. It was far superior to the sequel in just about every way possible and a third one without the Bioware founders at the helm and EA undoubtedly now calling the shots, gives me the fear. I fully anticipate mana to be recharged via micro-transactions.

  8. XBone exclusive that is “better with kinect” ;)

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