EA’s Conference Begins, Entirely Focused on PS4 and Xbox One Titles

Peter and Alex are at EA’s E3 conference, which is beginning this very moment and he’s just let us know that it’s going to be entirely focused on PS4 and Xbox One games, with Peter Moore stepping on stage and confirming this shortly after.

The conference is dubbed “the download” and will feature eleven games from EA. It’s literally just began moments ago, and they’re showing off a new Plants Vs. Zombies title, so click here if you’d like to watch (or on GameTrailers here).

We’ll cover the usual load of news during the conference, in a way TSA only could. See you on the other side!



  1. Well the first two games have been XBOX One exclusives.. It’s looking good for the XBOX One.

    • They’re not, they just don’t seem to be mentioning PlayStation. They never said exclusive.

      • Oh right.. well maybe this whole “Microsoft has paid third party developers to not mention the PS4” is true? Dirty tactics..

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