Forgotten Memories Heading To PS Vita & Wii U

The upcoming psychological horror that is Forgotten Memories was thought to be an iOS exclusive until now. Pshycoz Interactive have now confirmed that the game will also be heading to the PS Vita and Wii U this summer.

Forgotten Memories sees you explore an abandoned asylum, as inspector Rose Hawkins, in search of a missing girl. Rose must conquer her fears and weaknesses if she is to solve the mystery of the missing girl.


This is early footage of the game, so it doesn’t represent the final product.

Source: Bloody Disgusting 



  1. Forgotten Memories go to forgotten consoles.

    • I would hardly call the Vita forgotten, it’s got plenty of support. I for one am glad I bought one at release :)

  2. Physiological horror? Should that not be psychological? Or does it involve heartbeat sensors and rumble feedback…

    • Oops! They both look the same, pre-E3 excitement clearly damaging my ability to spell.

  3. I would definitely like to see some updated footage as that makes it look quite frustrating to play.

  4. That video reminded me of Resident Evil 1/2/3 although not as good.

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