Mountain Dew And Doritos Team Up To – Oh, No. No.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure this was real. But it is – apparently – and as I sit here in the E3 media room waiting for Microsoft’s conference to kick off, I find myself at a little bit of a loss for words as to what to write.


So, yeah, here are the facts, such as they are: Mountain Dew (the drink) and Doritos (the crisps) are teaming up to provide an ‘unprecedented experience’ through what they’re calling the ‘biggest gaming promotion in brand history’.

“Gaming fans in the U.S. will soon be able to experience the next level of play thanks to the biggest gaming promotion in Mountain Dew and Doritos brand history,” says the press release.

“This fall, celebrating a new generation of gaming, the Mountain Dew and Doritos brands will give fans the opportunity to get their hands on THOUSANDS of Xbox One consoles, the all-in-one gaming and entertainment system.”

“The Mountain Dew and Doritos brands are going to reward gamers in the biggest way possible this year with a variety of opportunities to get their hands on the new Xbox One,” said Xbox mouthpiece Major Nelson.

“We’ll be sharing more details throughout the summer, but rest assured that DEW and Doritos are creating something that is truly befitting of our epic new generation hardware.”

Sources: Dew And Doritos official website, GAF.



  1. Couldn’t make it up.

  2. It’s usually not appropriate or spammy to post comments like this, but:


  3. That image is amazing.

    • Indeed it is.

      I bet you Geoff Keighley is splurging everywhere right now. ‘Doritos? Mountain Dew? hgnfgfhgfhgfghfg’.

  4. they have to get rid of xbone’s some how

  5. if people won’t buy em, give em away. o_O

    and of course, in the US only.

  6. At least the X1 is big enough to store your snacks or heat em up ;)

  7. Guesses on how much of the conference will be spent talking about this? I say…most of it.

  8. and the grand prize winner will win their very own Geoff Keighley. ^_^

  9. TV. Sports. Snacks. Repeat.

    Sadly, these ludicrous tie-ins will bring MS the casual punter, exactly the customer they want, by the droves.

    • And then occasionally they can use the kinect (because GOD FORBID using a phone is too hard) to order themselves some Pizza Hut.

      I swear the next Xbox after the Xbox One is literally gonna cater to sloths.

  10. Pepsi, Pringles and PlayStation, thanks. :-)

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