New Forza Motorsport 5 Details

Microsoft have lifted the lid on Forza Motorsport 5 while promoting McLaren, including the presence of a McLaren car, which outperforms F1 cars. A new system called Drivatar, and the end of traditional AI apparently, were also introduced. It was also announced that cloud processing will make the game look great, which it does in the trailer.

Drivatar learns from how you race and learns to adapt accordingly. This information is saved in the cloud and grows even when you’re not playing. When it campaign it looks like you’ll face other people’s Drivatar ghosts so the experience is much more natural. When you’re not playing your Drivatar will take part in other races, and it will earn credits while doing so.


A release for Forza Motorsport 5 wasn’t announced so we’re still not sure if it’ll be a launch title.



  1. The only game not on PS4 (so far) that I would want.
    The cloud processing really needs to be explained properly, e.g. can you play a game that uses cloud processing when not connected? If it is possible it’s not going to look as good.

  2. Just a friendly nudge – It’s McLaren ;)

    It looks like a nice game – won’t be getting an xbone but I always liked the livery editor of Forza.

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