New Xbox 360 Model & Live Gold Rewards Revealed

Before moving on to talk about the Xbox One, Microsoft have announced at their E3 conference that there will be a new model of the Xbox 360 releasing today. It’s said to be more in line with the Xbox One design, which might cause some consumer confusion but it’s a good start to the conference.

There was no word on pricing of the new console but since they didn’t come out and announce a price cut we can imagine it’ll cost about the same as the current Xbox 360 Slim model.


They also announced Xbox Live Gold Rewards – at least two free games each month for paying Gold members. Quite similar to PS Plus then, though not as expansive. The first of these free titles will be the rather dated Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II. Still, free games! Well, not free. Technically.



  1. Fancy that, plus style rewards. Very good to keep the 360 going though. Halo 3 MP will no doubt come alive for a bit too.

    • The original xbox was soon forgotten when the 360 was launched so it’s good to see them supporting that when the X1 is released.

  2. didn’t he say this would be up until the x1 launch?
    kind of implies it might stop then.

    anyway, if they’re going to start giving content to gold subscribers, i might be tempted.
    though not this month.

    do you get to keep them or are they just while you’re a subscriber though?
    once again, ambiguity reigns.

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