Next-Gen Star Wars Battlefront Confirmed

It has been confirmed that DICE are working on a new Star Wars Battlefront game. There wasn’t much revealed except a small teaser depicting a snowy landscape (Hoth possibly), and AT-AT stomping the ground.

It looked very Empire Strikes Back. There’s not much else to go on but finally we have validation after all these years of speculation

It will be a next-gen title, presumably for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Hopefully.



  1. really excited for this, should be great :)

  2. I’ve never played a Battlefront game but I will be super excited if they announce an open universe pod racer with leveling and all sorts of cool Star Wars bits.

  3. Hoping they stick to the original gameplay, and don’t try to make it too much like BF/COD.

  4. If this game is an exclusive = I’m buying that console. I dont care if that sounds stupid. I need this game.

  5. I guess we won’t be seeing this anytime soon though.

  6. Was I the only one who expected to see a lot more of the game in the video?

  7. This news is most definitely gonna be the highlight of E3 for me. :)

  8. another brilliant E3 announcement this year has been great so far!

  9. Awww yeah!

  10. With DICE doing it, it’s bound to be pretty decent

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