WeView Verdict: Metro 2033

Metro 2033 doesn’t appear to have been very popular, if the four responses to last week’s WeView are anything to go by. Saying that, it does appear to be good with the comments being quite positive in their nature.

InternationalGamer kicked it off by saying that Metro is “a really entertaining game that does a really good job at scaring you” and that it’s “different than the generic FPS games” on the market. He also found joy in looting ammo from dead bodies. Weirdo.

Despite describing the shooting as “a bit weak”, gazzagb seemed to love the game, describing it as “true survival horror” and although he’s not usually a fan of horror he stated that he’s enjoying it for the most part, highlighting that it can be found “for a couple of quid for PC in online sales” and recommending it – I think I might just do that next time I see it going cheap!



I’m not sure that knife will help…

Although he got it for free, MadBoJangles wasn’t as enamoured with the game. He still enjoyed what he played of it – particularly the “good setting” and “suitably tense” atmosphere, despite it seeming “very generic” at first.

There were some technical bad points according to InternationalGamer, with some bugs “once in a while” and poor optimisation on PC: his rather powerful GPU couldn’t run it on anything more than medium with lowest anti-aliasing and even then the framerate didn’t stay at a stable 60, dropping down to 30 at times. Even the sequel – Metro: Last Light – runs at 50fps on highest settings on the same machine.

It was a comment from our very own Aran that really nailed how good Metro 2033 was:

Buy It although these days you can easily Bargain Bin it. Metro 2033 offers such a great survival experience. You have to keep track of your supplies otherwise you’re in trouble. Some of the enemy designs were great and I will not forget the first time I ran into a Librarian.

There were parts where I felt genuine fear never knowing what I would run in to and if I would survive it. Yes, there are bugs but I’ll say Metro 2033 is one of the under appreciated gems of this generation.

Metro sounds like a really great series which I had mistakenly written off as a poor FPS for some reason. With three Buy It ratings and one Bargain Bin It, it certainly received very high praise from the small pool of commenters.

There won’t be a poll this week either – instead we should have something special planned for WeView due to E3. Keep an eye on the site in amongst all of the news from LA for some E3-focused WeView action.



  1. I’ve got this on PC, only played a few minutes as I’m rubbish at FPS’s with mouse and keyboard. Will have to have another go at it now I’ve worked out how to use my controller with it. :)

  2. “I had mistakenly written off as a poor FPS” – you’re not mistaken Blair – it is a poor FPS, but it’s a great game if you play it for the atmosphere and the story, not the shooting.
    And I agree with InternationalGamer, the optimisation is shocking, I can still play it on max, but it definitely pushes my rig when it shouldn’t really be that hard!

    • I’ve got it now anyway, will have a go after E3 calms :)

  3. I would hav bought it but my pc isn’t good enough and my Xbox is dead. My brother really enjoyed it though. Will get the ps3 sequel when it’s cheaper.

  4. The PS3 sequel is worth every penny IMO. ;)

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