Zoo Tycoon Confirmed For Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Zoo Tycoon will be arriving on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as revealed in the GameTrailer’s post show following the Microsoft conference. The trailer showed a lot of first person shots with interaction with different animals, including feeding an elephant.

It had all the trappings of something that would use Kinect but the box art that was revealed after showed no signs of Kinect branding. The trailer itself looked like it was showing off the One version.

However, it could just be that the Xbox One games won’t need Kinect branding since the console comes with it anyway. We’ll no doubt find out more soon.


  1. Guessing this one won’t let you assist dangerous animals in an escape to see what happens to the park visitors like the old one?

    • Maybe that’s in the extended uncut trailer?

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