Bayonetta 2 Coming 2014

Bayonetta 2 was one of the biggest shocks when it was announced as a Wii U exclusive as the original appeared on PS3 and Xbox 360. During today’s Nintendo Direct it was revealed that Bayonetta has had a small redesign with a new haircut and new outfit, though her attitude seems to remain the same.

There was also a new trailer showing gameplay showing off the grand scales of the battles, as well as Bayonetta’s special moves where her hair turns into various objects of destruction. There wasn’t much revealed story wise but near the end of the trailer a new character appeared, though no information was given on them.


As the title says, Bayonetta 2 will release at some point in 2014.



  1. Hang on. The whole concept of Bayonetta one was her long hair was A) her clothing and B) her weapon..

    Now her hair does not reach her clothing yet it’s still her hair.. which means it must be sourced from somewhere else..

    Which means she is.. uhm… attacking.. with her muff fluff.

    • so the final boss will have a giant wax strip as a weapon?
      with an ultimate attack called the Brazilian.

      or possibly, she really hates shaving her legs.
      i can sympathise with that.

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