DriveClub’s PS Plus Edition Detailed

Just a quick one on this because there’s been a lot of people asking.

The PS Plus edition of DriveClub, revealed yesterday, will – according to Evolution – be the full version of the game in terms of features and mechanics.

However, it will launch with a cut-back number of tracks and cars.

This’ll mean that players will be immediately able to jump into the game, form clubs and compete online.

I asked whether that would mean more cars and tracks would appear as DLC to bulk up the game to the ‘full’ version but didn’t get an official comment.

The PS Plus version will be part of the Plus subscription.

The game handles great – it’s really smart and plays well despite the version on show being just 35% complete.

But more on that soon.


  1. Ooh. The future. Sounds good.

  2. Lovely stuff. Makes perfect sense too. Sony can’t just throw endless money at stuff and a top-drawer game (hopefully) needs to still be able to justify its development expense. Cars, tracks, etc., are the obvious things to bundle into DLC purchases for people enjoying the PS+ version, as such.

    • If I’m remembering right it was said back in February that the game will be supported with loads of DLC. If so it’s a good strategy by Sony to give away a top game at the PS4’s launch and it still being able to generate income for the developer. Could help shift a few more consoles.

  3. Ridge racer inbound? Lol

  4. Only 35% complete with only 5(ish) months to go? Or is the demo an early build?

  5. 35% complete with only 5(ish) months to go? Or is the demo an early build?

  6. Any word on local multiplayer?

    For this, or any PS4 games really?

    • I don’t know about this but a key selling point of the new playstation eye thingy and the DS4 is that it can differentiate between different players in the room so there should be

      • Like you, this made me hope. I really want lots more splitscreen games next gen, this gen has been awful for the splitscreen gamer.

      • Yeah.

        I’m thinking about going 50:50 with my sister for a PS4, but I’d really like a decent game we could both play at launch, you know?

  7. This is not good at all. Don’t give us a demo give us a full game. Or at least give us DLC cheap.

    • Eh? What the hell? This game will have cost millions to make and they need to make it profitable.

      Unless I’m completely bonkers, can you not still buy the full game irrespective of the above. The Drive Club PS+ is something to lure you in. It’s an effective business model and can be a great way for people to try games out before committing (too much) money.

      League of Legends – the most played online game in the world right now – is the perfect example. Sure, it’s not for everyone but everyone can have a go for absolutely zero financial investment. There’s plenty of fun to be had but plenty of money to throw down if you want to invest in the characters and other paraphernalia.

      • I understand your point but I would rather have a couple of hours trial rather than what seems to be F2P, I’m very against it. I’d rather pay £40/60 and know that’s it. It is more likely I wouldn’t buy the game or DLC in the cut edition. That’s my beliefs.
        I’ll still get my Ps4 day 1 any way. :)

      • Well considering that everyone will need Plus to go online they’d be downright bat shit crazy to give a full launch title away for free.
        This “stripped” version is a great idea if you ask me.

    • It could have been worse …

      • That’s my point that’s sport of how it feels.

    • Then buy the full game. Sony aren’t stupid. They can’t just give games away so early. Not a game of this magnitude.

  8. Is noone allowed to upload gameplay footage or anything? I remember seeing footage of games loads of times at previous E3’s. I can’t find jack shit this time.

  9. Still, we’re getting it for fuck all with Plus so can’t really complain about the developers trying to claw some money back with DLC.

  10. Ooh, so it’s like Drive Club Prologue for free on plus and full fat Drive Club for retail? Very clever Sony, you’re certainly nailing the friendly sounding profiteering, I actually don’t object at all it’s quite smart stuff :)

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