E3: Dedicated or Insane?

About twelve hours ago, I sat in front of my computer ready and waiting for Microsoft’s E3 conference and the plethora of news that would follow. I knew that this year would be our hardest yet – Peter, Kris and Alex weren’t around to edit and keep everything in order since they’re at the show and both Microsoft and Sony were showing off their new systems: the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively.

About twelve hours later and I’m sitting in front of my computer once again – it’s half past four in the morning. Night has been and gone; the sun is rising for a new day. The birds are tweeting and the internet is too, mostly about the insane Sony E3 conference that just went down.

And I should sleep, I really should. I’m tired beyond belief, although maybe not as much as those in LA. Instead, I’m sitting here writing more about game, falling asleep as I do so, making typos and misjudging coherency.

I won’t sleep right now though, I’m too excited to sleep. I’m sitting reflecting on the day, from Microsoft’s myriad game announcements, to EA’s Mirror’s Edge unveiling, to Ubisoft’s The Divide – was it the Divide? No, The Division – right up to Sony’s incredible PS4 showcase.

I’m smiling, thinking that in the end it was all worth it for moments like this. Not only for my own experience but to keep the readers happy and let Peter sleep safe knowing that while his site is maybe not in the best of hands, it’s certainly in the hands of people that will get the job done.

And, of course, I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the ever faithful staff that joined me on this mission. Aran, Dan, Gareth, Greg, Jim, Josh, Tuffcub and Stefan all put in an extremely commendable effort, allowing me to focus on editing, videos and images and making sure everything was done right.

But this is just the start – there won’t be another day like this for a long time but there’s still a whole week of E3. We’ve got Nintendo at 3pm tomorrow – that’s less than eleven hours from now – and then the new consoles will be demoed and discussed all week by our men on the front line.

It’s insane, really, that we do this for video games but at the same time it’s absolutely fantastic. That we can share a passion and use letters and words to convey our feelings, making each other truly happy; that we can travel across the world to see these bits of entertainment in person; that we can stay up well beyond our bed time just to write a bit more.

We might pretend we do it for you, but we really do it for ourselves. We don’t do it for monetary gain, which makes TheSixthAxis quite unlike the other sites we’re often compared to. We might be a bit mad but that’s okay, it means you get to read stuff like this.



  1. I’ve had 4 hours sleep. Bring on Nintendo this afternoon.

    • Same here. In Poland the SONY conference ended at 5:15 and my work starts at 10. I’m drinking my 3rd coffee right now.

    • Waiting on Ninty also, looking forward to seeing Pokemon X/Y and whatever else they have going on. Maybe a new Advance Wars? One can dream, right…

  2. Big love to the whole team, although angry green jealous love to the guys in L.A.
    So far this E3 has been great, and the content from TSA has, as always been spot on.
    Really looking forward to what Peter and the guys bring us from the front.

    I love this place :)

    • ^^ I couldn’t have said it better myself. ^^

      Cheers to all the TSA staff & a big :P to the guys in L.A.

  3. I too have had just 4 hours sleep, I just took the minimum I needed so as not to miss the ongoing party, this is a great day for playstation fans all over the world and the gaming community as a whole, and there is a tangible excitement in the air and across the hundreds of posts we are seeing today, I want to thank all the TSA guys for the long hours and hard work they have put into the E3 coverage, you make us feel like we are all belong to a brotherhood of gamers and IMHO, there is no better gaming site on the web that has this spirit.

  4. I wrote this at 5am, for clarity.

    • That’s dedication Blair, with at hint of insanity, thank you.

    • How did you achieve clarity at 5am? I was in some sort of sleep-coma at that stage :P

      • That post is anything but “clarity” – look at the tags!

    • Great time of the day, that’s when I get into work. Love that there’s no traffic and it’s all calm & tranquil before the rest of the idiots get on the road.

  5. I wanted to stay up and watch but had to have the car in the garage first thing.. just sat through the Sony conference now and was left a very happy gamer!

  6. Good work Blair and the whole TSA team. I’ve just had a 10 day week here in China. This made the last day in work a lot more bearable. Now to go get drunk!

  7. I’m running on 2 hours sleep here. Watched Sony coherence, went to bed, was up at 6 for work. Was worth it though.

  8. A great sentiment, looking back I can’t believe I stayed up and watched the whole thing (then yet another hour just digesting it all with a friend).

  9. well done Blair, that is some dedication and I can say is thank you. I came in this morning to read some great articles from all at TSA.

  10. I had every intention of staying up for the show. I even bought two cans of Red Bull. Managed to stick it out till 1.00 – rested my eyes for five minutes and woke up at 6.30. Gutted. Luckily I can depend on you fine people at TSA. The first thing I did this morning (after cursing the alarm on my iphone) was check in on the site to see what I’d missed. Thanks guys.

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