EA Moves To “Stop Being Hated”

The BBC have interviewed Frank Gibeau, EA’s president of labels, and he has acknowledged that recently the company has come under harsh criticism.

“We’re in the business of entertaining and exciting people, and when our business policies get in the way of that and we hear this reaction and see this feedback we have to take note of it,” he said,  “We’re not tone deaf.”


He denied that EA games had been built with “pay to win” in mind and that Dead Space 3 micro-transactions were “misunderstood”.

“If a micro-transaction exists in an online service – which is usually where we place it, like in Fifa Ultimate Team – it’s tied to an experience and a price-value proposition that you either feel good about or you don’t.”

“When we get it right it feels great and people are really happy about it. When we don’t get it right or it’s misunderstood, like in the case of Dead Space, that’s not good and we make changes accordingly.”

He also confirmed that the company does not have any games in development for the Wii U.

“Do we have developers inside Electronic Arts that are watching the Wii U and understanding how it’s developing? Yes, we’re absolutely doing that. Do we have active development of Wii U titles that we’re ready to publicly announce right now. No we do not.”

Source: BBC



  1. I thought EA had a great showing this year giving fans exactly what they wanted in the form of Battlefront and Mirrors Edge. Also that skyscraper destruction in BF4 multiplayer was hugely impressive.

    • I was texting on skype just before the skyscraper fell, and I looked up and saw it falling and was like ‘Holy Sh*t, that’s just awesome’

  2. All I read here is “We have always seen people bitching about us but recently people actually started voting with their wallets a bit so I guess we better do something”

    • lets hope this is true. I know I have been voting with my wallet so I hope that has helped.

  3. He didn’t exactly say that there is no Wii U games in development, only that none that can be publicly announced yet.

  4. quote – ” that’s not good and we make changes accordingly.”

    so have the removed the in app purchases from dead space 3 ?

    have they removed the online passes from EA games onplaystation or is that still only for xbox 360 games ?

    Whats more intriguing is wether online passes will remain for PS4 games now that sony have said thet there is no restriction on tradeing games, compared to the payday they will get from xboxone.

    Just more PR blabbering twith no changes anywhere as far as i can see. Prove me wrong EA

    • The online passes will probably be only removed on X1 and X360, because of their new partnership.

      • i think the online passes are dead, EA will just give exclusivity on certain content to Xbox to encourage sale on that system. The DLC will prob be free/chepaer on xbox and pricey on ps4, although time will tell

    • The official press release states that the current online passes will be available for free and that there will be no new ones on upcoming games on both Xbox Live and Playtation Network

      • Forgot the s there… To little sleep I guess..

  5. Wait a minute! So this exclusive Fifa content for the Xbone is Microtransactions?

  6. Is it really so hard to believe EA changed their policy?
    Is it not possible EA is listening to their customers as Sony did?
    Also the general consensus that EA is in favour of MS is based on a rumour, there’s nothing I’ve seen on all the reveals and press conferences to prove this rumour to be true.

    • 1: Yes it is hard to believe when I think back of their history.
      2: It’s definitely possible.

      True, there is nothing in the reveals and press conferences to prove it, but you know how the Internet is. A rumor is true until proven otherwise.

  7. I’ll always have a bit of hatred for EA. It’s in my blood now.

  8. Firstly, please excuse my language….it’s been a long day.

    Secondly, EA have always been one of the biggest money grabbing bastards that there’s ever been and as such, have always got on my tits. They’re going to have to go a long way to convince me otherwise.

    These are the opinions of me personally……….just thought I’d add that last wee bit. :P

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