Nintendo Reveal Mario Kart 8

Prepare for the best Mario Kart game yet – Nintendo have just revealed Mario Kart 8 in their Nintendo Direct E3 Broadcast. They seem to be sticking to numbers rather than names of consoles now.

It looks like a blast, with anti-grav gameplay allowing Karts to stick to walls and ceilings. Gliders and underwater gameplay will be returning from Mario Kart 7 and bikes from Mario Kart Wii.


From what we’ve seen, the tracks look crazy and brilliant, curving and twisting upside down at points. Mario Kart has always been the best karting game, although Sonic & All-Stars Racing did a great job.

The game releases in Spring 2014 for Wii U.



  1. 2014. Come on Nintendo. There needs to be things out for Wii U soon.

  2. I hope it comes with all the best stages of previous games, like the Wii version. Seems like there’s no reason to buy a Wii U until next year though.

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