PlayStation 4 Hardware In Detail

The PlayStation 4 unveiling blew our collective socks off, and Shuhei Yoshida has continued with his excellent policy of engaging with fans on twitter since then, but sometimes you just want a big sheet of facts printed on it.

Luckily this has come out alongside the conference, and we can dive in to find a few extra little details about the machine:

  • In terms of storage, we’ll see a 500GB Hard disk drive, which @yosp has since confirmed is replaceable.
  • Preliminary dimensions, for those with a ruler handy, are 275x53x305mm (width x height x length). That makes it slightly smaller than the PS3 Slim, and incredibly close to the PS3 Super Slim!
  • Those craving USB ports will be disappointed to see that there are just two USB 3.0 ports on the front. The PlayStation Camera uses the dedicated AUX port on the back.
  • The PS4 misses out on the very latest wireless standards, but 802.11 n and Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR) are plenty to handle wireless duties. There’s also Ethernet for cable lovers.
  • Analogue is dead, as the sole outputs come in the form of HDMI and digital optical audio. That means no more Component video, and as with the PS3, HDCP may preclude external means of recording game footage. Lucky they have a ‘Share’ button.
  • Included in the box you will get a PS4, a DS4, a mono headset, power cord, HDMI cable and USB cable.
  • That means the PlayStation Camera will be an additional expense, and it’s priced at $59, €49 and £44. Clearly that has helped to bring the cost of the main console down, but we’ll see how that affects support and integration in games.
  • Additional DualShock 4 controllers will set you back an eye-watering $59, €59 and £54, thanks to a totally different exchange rate being in use.
  • The DualShock 4 still connects via Bluetooth and USB, with the sole difference that it is now a Micro USB port, rather than Mini USB.
  • The DS4’s Touch Pad has “2 Point Sensing”, is based on smartphone-like capacitive touch, and also has a “Click Mechanism”. This makes it sound rather like the clicky unified touchpads which (I believe) were first used on on Apple’s MacBook Pro a few years ago.

For those that want to study the specs for themselves, you can have a look at the press release PDF here.


In response to a few questions in the comments, some further clarifications:

  • Elsewhere, @yosp has confirmed that the console is region free. Not for movies, but certainly for games.
  • The slot for discs is barely visible in the  5th image, but resides on the left hand side, between the two blocks and to the left of the USB ports.
  • With regards to legacy accessories, the DualShock 3 is not supported, but Move will be, alongside the new camera. It’s currently unclear about Bluetooth headsets, third party headsets, or racing wheels. Third party headsets will surely struggle without analogue outputs, though.
  • The bundled mono headset plugs into the minijack & extension port on the bottom of the DS4.

If you’re more about the pictures, here’s a little gallery of images for your viewing pleasure:



  1. From what I’ve read on NeoGAF it’s about 65% smaller than the Xbox One which is an amazing achievement, especially as it doesn’t appear to have an external power brick. I just hope it doesn’t overheat

    • I hope it doesn’t, look at all the vents at the back!

  2. I’d just like to know where you put the disk. :)

  3. @KittDJW Slot loading drive at the front next to USB ports.

    Looks amazing and to say they have managed to get it down to that size form factor is very surprising! I do hope it is a quiet unit though and like bigbaldwolf said I hope it doesn’t overheat.

  4. By “you will get a PS4, a DS3”, I hope you mean “DS4”. :)

    • I was just about to mention this, after I’d read the pdf file. It says it is the DS4 in the pdf file.

      • Phew, I was about to have a wee moan. Just a small one though.

    • Oops. Yes. DS4!

  5. Looks like we’ll be spending another £100 to add a second controller and camera if they can convince us the camera is well supported from the start.

    • yeah, but it’s at least not a requirement with the camera unlike kinect on X1. And an extra controller on X1 would probably be around the same price.

    • To be honest, if the camera was in box, some people would start to raise privacy concerns, by having an initial SKU sans PS Eye, Sony has easily headed that rumour mill off before it got started.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony setup official bundles before release, or work with retailers on promos including the Eye and extra DS4

  6. It’s also worth mentioning that the console is region-free.

  7. A surprisingly small black box. Looks not too different from the Xbone to be honest, with the glossy bit and segmentation.

    • But half the size with a cool blue glowy thing!
      I can see why its gloss and matte, so it will tie in with any other TV, Sound system you have whether they’re gloss or matte… as long as they’re black of course.

    • Yeah, I was suprised at the size of it as well, and that I like.
      I’m not completely sold on the looks of it though. But I’ll still have it.

  8. Sony have done a great job so far. I guess there now working towards an earlier release date than x1.
    One question will the console support existing peripherals eg dfgt steering wheel, move controllers etc.

    Thank you

    • It supports move, mm used them in their demo at the announcement. I would like to think the Bluetooth remote and headsets will work as they’re just generic Bluetooth accessories. I reckon things like play tv won’t work though

    • The DualShock 3 is not supported, but the Move controller (and presumably Navigation controller too) is supported by the new camera system.

      DFGT and Bluetooth headsets is unknown at this point, but I would be fairly confident in guessing that these will be supported.

      Headsets which use red & white coax along with USB to combine game audio and headset audio into one will no longer work.

      • Do we know if the PS3 Eye will work with PS4 (in a diminished capacity from the PS4 Eye of course) for use with Move controllers? I’m assuming it won’t though

    • Thanks both.

      Sounds promising that peripherals I want to reuse will work.

  9. One interesting thing is the inclusion of a headset with every ps4 in the box, I assume it’s wired?

    • I can’t see it being wired. Although it doesn’t mention bluetooth???

      • Yeah, I agree. I would find it quite odd if it isn’t a bluetooth headset.

      • Hang on, I’ve just realised. It wont be bluetooth, doesn’t it plug into the controller & produce a few extra sounds & enable chat etc? Which is still pretty cool.

      • It plugs into the controller, yes.

      • Ah, I must have missed those announcements. That’s great news then.

    • Yes it’s wired, last night I saw a photo of it plugged into the DS4. It looked like a old-ish mobile phone ear piece.

    • Its wired. Check out the video showing off the interface

  10. Good news on the HDD,as I was wondering what size it was going to be. It’s also great that we can change it easily enough as well. I just feel like a kid at Christmas :)

    • Just Christmas, make that Christmas, birthday, Hanukkah and every thing else for me. XD

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