Quantic Dream Shows Off PS4 Tech Demo ‘The Dark Sorcerer’

Come on, admit it, you love Quantic Dream’s tech demos. The Casting? Kara (which I’m still hoping becomes a full game)?

Well here’s the latest, The Dark Sorcerer for PS4, which is apparently all rendered in real time. We won’t tell you anything about it – apart from that it is very pretty – just watch it yourself.

The second part of the video should be made available tomorrow.



  1. This is why I love QD almost taking the p*** out of typical trailers and really showing off their creativity and direction skill. That trailer looked like it could almost make an amazing film

  2. It’s really impressive, if it’s all rendered in real time on a PS4! Can’t wait to see the rest of it (and in HD).

  3. LOL – looks great, nice to see they can poke a bit of fun at themselves too – unless these turn into games though it is just posturing, and for me its pointless.

  4. The video was great and I can’t wait to see the full version. :)

  5. Stunning! Has anyone got a link to the full version? Should be out by now by my reconing.

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