Sony Advert Shows The PlayStation Apocalypse

It started with Michael, and since then Sony’s live action game mash up adverts have grown in scale and grandeur. We began with Kratos, Lightning and Cole having a drink in a bar, but now it’s the PlayStation apocalypse!


So far I have spotted the infected from The Last Of Us, the Helghast from Killzone, Connor from Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag, Baseball players from MLB, a racetrack which could be from Gran Turismo 6 or Drive Club and Delsin from InFamous: Second Son skipping about in clouds of black smoke.

There are also secret agents, cheerleaders, mexican wrestlers, dragons, prisoners in jump suits, giant robots, spaceships, motorbikes and probably a kitchen sink.

A far cry from the PlayStation 3 launch advert which had a dog, a clown and no games…



  1. NBA baskeball on the left as well. Missed that one.

  2. This is what they should base on the PS4 version of home…

  3. Wow they even had Diablo there at the end lol.

    • Curses! I knew it was from somewhere!

    • I’m pretty sure there was a Witch Doctor in there too.

  4. Didn’t think it was Connor in Black Flag?
    Anyhow really awesome advert!

    • Oh erm. Whatever his name is. Lost track of them now :)

      • That would be Edward Kenway I believe his name was

      • Ahh yes that’s his name.

        Wonder what the hot air balloons and big airships (not the killzone ones, the one to the right) are for?

      • @Origami Killer: My guess would be from “The Order 1886”

      • Haha, Edward Conway.

  5. Thats a very Skyrim-ish dragon flying about at the end

    • Elder Scrolls Online maybe?

      • for playstation? i doubt it…

      • ^ It was confirmed for PS4 at the conference

      • It is not, watching on gametrailers now and it was said there is no dragons in Elder Scrolls Online

      • i stand corrected! didn’t watch the conference (even though i badly wanted so!) but just watched the TSA recap on youtube and i am more excited for it than ever!
        but my first thought when u said that the elder scrolls online was coming to PS4 was what i wrote: “i doubt it”. but i should have read a little more into it before replying…

        but what i don’t understand from the recap i saw, PS4 is going to have Pay2Play-online?

      • @MadJunkBoy: That is correct, Sony has decided that PS+ is required to play the multiplayer portion of games.

      • thx for the fast reply mate!! =D
        then it’s going to PS+ be when PS4 arrives! think it’s pretty cheap anyway so i won’t notice anything anyway! =D

    • Was expecting it to fly backwards:)
      (ESOnline on console, one of the many pleasant suprises l.night. )

  6. Love stuff like this – you can keep watching and seeing new things – there’s a giraffe at the back when he turns the corner past the painty building. Wonder what that’s from!

  7. Great advert. Are the people at the beginning supposed to be characters or just people?
    Also what’s those floating blocks when the camera angle changes?

  8. Very good advert.

  9. Goosepimples!!! Getting very excited now :)

  10. Is it me or are the advertising boards around the ractrack rather Wipeoutish?

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