Sony Advert Shows The PlayStation Apocalypse

It started with Michael, and since then Sony’s live action game mash up adverts have grown in scale and grandeur. We began with Kratos, Lightning and Cole having a drink in a bar, but now it’s the PlayStation apocalypse!


So far I have spotted the infected from The Last Of Us, the Helghast from Killzone, Connor from Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag, Baseball players from MLB, a racetrack which could be from Gran Turismo 6 or Drive Club and Delsin from InFamous: Second Son skipping about in clouds of black smoke.

There are also secret agents, cheerleaders, mexican wrestlers, dragons, prisoners in jump suits, giant robots, spaceships, motorbikes and probably a kitchen sink.

A far cry from the PlayStation 3 launch advert which had a dog, a clown and no games…



  1. Great advert,I’m getting well fired up for PS4!

  2. Is that realistic sackpeople on the right at 1:13?

    • I’ve trying to work out what those are for ages. Also the completely random dog house near them.

  3. There’s quite a lot of InFamous actully – the TV repair stores are from their, the TVs spring to lift at the start when they guy walks past them and on the left when the bloke is walking up the street toward the camera is “MacGrath Market”

    Also on the right as he walks up a poster for The Witness.

    Just as the bloke gets dropped by the wrestlers, in front of him is the Dragonborn.

    On the right in the hut is the COD Ghosts

    American Eagle from Bioshock Infinite?

  4. BWAHAAH! On the left of the street “Rapture Appliances”

  5. Giant robots right at the back at the end are from Knack.

  6. Id realy better do some work now..

  7. THAT….. WAS….. EPIC!!!!!
    Really want that Killzone/Helghan costume.

  8. I think Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs is there too, right as the camera pans around, he’s on the left talking shelter against the concrete pillar.

    • Yes, I believe that as well.
      I mean, who else could it be.

      • There are some Watch Dog-ish cameras on the street on the left as well, very clunky and obvious

  9. WOW! ! ! :P :P :P

  10. Pure awesomesauce!!!!

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