Sony Advert Shows The PlayStation Apocalypse

It started with Michael, and since then Sony’s live action game mash up adverts have grown in scale and grandeur. We began with Kratos, Lightning and Cole having a drink in a bar, but now it’s the PlayStation apocalypse!


So far I have spotted the infected from The Last Of Us, the Helghast from Killzone, Connor from Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag, Baseball players from MLB, a racetrack which could be from Gran Turismo 6 or Drive Club and Delsin from InFamous: Second Son skipping about in clouds of black smoke.

There are also secret agents, cheerleaders, mexican wrestlers, dragons, prisoners in jump suits, giant robots, spaceships, motorbikes and probably a kitchen sink.

A far cry from the PlayStation 3 launch advert which had a dog, a clown and no games…



  1. reminiscent of the double life ad.
    at least in the dialogue.
    talking about all the things gamers get to do, even if only virtually.

    and it’s almost as good.

    let’s see what Europe ends up with.

    i’d love to see a making of video for this, i wanna know just how much of that was done in one take, and what was practical and what was CG.

  2. Man, that video was ace. It has to be the best Sony video ever. :)

  3. Great vid!
    The geezer who fronts it is one of the main characters in the Sky series ‘Vegas’ , really good show. (think his name is Taylor Handley)

  4. Giraffe is from.. well not Tokyo Jungle :) Wont say as it’s a spoiler.

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