Toukiden E3 Trailer Released

Despite most gamers being transfixed on a barrage of PS4 and X1 announcements, Sony’s PlayStation Vita has also been dealt a strong hand at this year’s E3.

Adding to the handheld’s growingly diverse catalogue is Tecmo KOEI’s Toukiden. Developed by Omega Force, the same studio behind Dynasty Warriors, this latest title is a fantasy action slaughterfest drawing inspiration from Omega’s flagship and, by the looks of it, Capcom’s Monster Hunter.

Players assume control of one of the game’s demon slayers, adopting one of many distinctive weapon types. Details are still fairly thin on the ground but at least we now know that Tecmo KOEI is planning an overseas release.


  1. A few more big games and this beast will be back into life – considering that many people view it as being neglected now.

  2. Said it before, as soon as its bundled with KILLZONE I’m in :-))

  3. Not really a fan of the demon/gorey theme that Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden have taken. Why can’t they just make a Monster Hunter rival with its own charm. Get there own Felynes instead of going for the depressing Dark Fantasy hoopla. I’d say there’s enough already. I adore Monster Hunter a lot for its world and the way the villages are. its wonderful but any other game like it just goes for a dull colour set or end of the world scenario it seems.

  4. This looks awesome, lived soul sac, I will keep an eye on this

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