TSAtv Newsdesk Special: Sony at E3 2013

No, your eyes do not deceive you, there are indeed two Newsdesks tonight! This time its a look at Sony’s big coming out party for the PS4, from Don’t Starve and The Order to Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Elder Scrolls Online. There’s also talk of used games, pricing, and PlayStation Plus. And, as ever, its all tied up in a nice compact little video package just for you. Enjoy, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Where’s the news on the hard drive specs for PS4. Is it inter-changable like PS3 or? Was hoping for a bit more info during the conference alas it never came.

  2. HDD has been confirmed as swappable :) by @yosp

  3. Nice summary. I didn’t manage to see the pkus part of Sony’s show, can anyone say if is Plus staying the same price foe the PS4?

    • From the PS website summary.

      ‘PlayStation Plus will carry across to PS4, with a single membership bringing benefits to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and of course, PS4’.

      Reads like the current subscription for PS3 will be active and carry across, in which case current prices. Although I did expect tiered membership to appear.

      • thats good, I’ll get it just before the PS4 comes out i think, or the day it does come out if pricing is confirmed before.

      • Thanks freezebug! With free games from launch (even if the ‘plus edition’ label sounds ominously limited) the service has reached. New level of appeal. I don’t even mind the Plus only online play restriction!

    • They mentioned ‘from as little as $5 per month’ so even at the minimum it’s an increase. Still not bad all things considered though.

      • really? £5 a month is a lot of an increase if true. I might even think twice now. Steam could be an alternative for me.

      • It’s $50 a year at the moment in the USA, or $18 a quarter, then $6 a month, so don’t panic it sounds roughly the same :)

  4. Thanks for the summary and all the reporting last night. I am very tired today but also very happy! :)

    • Same hear, TSA’s doing a great job.

  5. All sounds COOL:P I will watch the FULL(SONY) show later on YouTube:P The only 2 things that i am not keen on is paying extra to play online & waiting?! for the Streaming service?! Oh well + i will stick a 1TB hard drive in my PS4 then which is COOL:P

  6. Great round up.

    Gotta say guys, I’m loving the coverage you’re giving this conference. You’re doing a great job! Thumbs up.

  7. Aye. A big thumb’s up from me too. ;)

    Every piece of news I’ve heard regarding PS4 is trully excellent & leaves me feeling excited for it’s release. Has Sony stated a release date for PS4, as if they have, then I missed it?? I’ve got mine pre-ordered so whenever they release it, I’ll get it day one, although the sooner it’s released, the better.

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