Two New Trials Games Coming Next Year

Trials is heading to both next-gen consoles as well as mobile devices next year. The first title is named Trials Fusion and will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, notably the first time Trials will appear on a PlayStation console, while the second is named Trials Frontier and will be heading to mobile devices.

The first takes place in the clouds – no, not cloud gaming, literal clouds – and it looks fantastic, featuring insane gameplay in the sky, while the mobile version is more grounded, taking place in canyon-like environments.

If these offer the same customisation options as Trials Evolution, they should be absolutely fantastic on next generation consoles. I for one can’t wait – they’re coming at an undisclosed point next year.


  1. nice to see it finally coming to playstation.

  2. Aye, nice to see it coming to Playstation, but TBH, I’d have prefered the cosole version to have been on the ground instead of the sky. :/

    • Then buy Urban Trails Freestyle! :)

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