Haven’t Got Internet? Microsoft’s Don Mattrick Says Get An Xbox 360

Don Mattrick has given an interview to GameTrailers talking about the Xbox One and the reception it has got. Obviously he isn’t going to come out and say that reaction has been negative but there are some instances in the interview that make you raise your eyebrows. One of those points is that Don Mattrick advises that if you don’t have internet access then you can get an Xbox 360.

The exact segment about the Xbox 360 starts around the 1:40 mark. Even Geoff Keighley seems a little taken back by replying with. “So stick with 360. That’s your message?”

You can kind of see Don panic a bit afterwards once that question is asked. There are other moments during the interview where Don does really try to push the angle that this is good for gamers. He says the Xbox One is a console “for gamers by gamers,” and that people will come to appreciate the online connectivity.

I kind of feel sorry for Don because he didn’t have much wiggle room. He couldn’t exactly promote the PS4 and he has to get as much positive PR for the One as possible but his job has been made difficult by having the authentication feature while Sony came out and said they wouldn’t have it. Where Microsoft goes from here, and how the company responds to the negative reception, is anybody’s guess.

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  1. Wow MS are really that stupid, talk about driving your customers away.

    • Noone will buy MS tech if thats their attitude, how is buying/owning nearly 10 year old technology the same as buying the latest stuff?

      That is not a solution to your problem MicroShaft

  2. I feel sorry for the too, but the interview was filmed on Sunday so it could’ve been much worse for him.

  3. Unfortunately, Don Mattrick is such an unlikeable character to me (in video at least) so his interviews never come across well with me. The gulf between him and Jack Tretton is huge and it shows in the other interview GameTrailers did with Jack where’s it’s very light hearted, feels genuine and it’s positive.

    • You and I were chatting about this yesterday. We’d noticed how much body language was negative even though the words were positive (ie. shaking of head, etc) but it’s how utterly disingenuous he comes across that tells me, at almost an instinctual level, not to trust the man.

      Geoff Keighley was pressing him about things and I’m sure Don really wanted to say “you know what, Geoff? Take it or fu**king leave it. You know the deal… now piss off and leave me alone! I have a hilarious side-parting to look after”.

      • Ha! Brilliant! He looks like some seedy American car salesman to me.

      • As I watched Sony’s press conference I had images of him in the dark, looking on, crushing a polystyrene cup, red-faced with a vibrating head.

    • I feel the same way about him. Well, if someone doesn’t have internet, Sony will welcome them with open arms.

    • Has it been said before how much Don looks like Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad??

  4. lol that guy fire him

  5. “Get a 360” Seriously? I mean, what? He is aware that many Xbox 360 owners may be interested in the X1 but have either a crap connection, live in an area that tends to be very unreliable with the net or no net at all. Right? He has basically told them to sod off. Think that may have just caused a few more people to lean towards the PS4. I swear MS are trying to sink the X1 before it even hits the stores.

  6. My god, this is starting to look like a car crash. Surely MS can’t have got it so wrong.

  7. Just shows how out of touch Microsoft are with their consumers. Will the Xbox One even be that great in the UK anyway? I know for a fact my broadband and all my friends broadband connections, who live around me, will not be able to handle half of the Xbox Ones online features. I’m sure many other parts of the UK have pretty terrible broadband as well. They say future proofing, but the likely hood is the internet (in the UK at least) won’t be good enough to get the best out of the Xbox One in it’s life cycle. Makes the system pretty pointless. Disappointed with Microsoft.

    • The whole situation kinda reminds of the one Sega found themselves in with the Dreamcast back in ’99; a console that was too advanced for the time it was released in. Even more unfortunately for them, however, the age when it was possible was just around the corner and, ironically, MS were the ones to snap up the hole Sega left behind. The only difference is Sega weren’t asses and tell everyone to stick with the Saturn. MS seem intent on never accepting their misgivings and instead opt to dig an increasingly deep hole for themselves. Still, Nintendo had a bad generation with the PS2 and XBOX, PS3 had a bad one this gen, it’s the Xbox’s turn I guess, it’s only fair.

  8. Hey Don, apart from the 360 you may have heard there’s another product that gamers wont have problems playing off line or pre-owend games on, it’s called Playstation 4.

  9. Probably not meant with bad intent, just friendly advice… but god talk about a bad choice of words haha. It’s really not looking great for Microsoft which is a shame really, complete white wash from Sony , well played to them

  10. It’s almost like watching a multi-stage car crash. The whole XbOne PR situation is descending into pure hilarity here.

    • It’s almost like they don’t know how cynically their statements are being received, I feel so sorry for these poor guys who obviously don’t read first hand the reactions they’re getting, they just don’t have a clue.

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