Killzone: Shadow Fall Box Art Released

A minor update but one which will no doubt pique the interest of PlayStation enthusiasts.

Spotted earlier in the week during Sony’s tongue-in-cheek instructional video on used games, the official box art for Killzone Shadow Fall has been released.


Usually we don’t make a big hullabaloo about glossy game inlays, but this is our first peek at a PS4 case. Adopting a design somewhat akin to the rather snazzy Vita boxes, the new cases will sport a blue accent and appear to have shed the Blu-Ray lip of their PS3 counterparts.



  1. Wow, nice art. Way better than the tried and tested ‘man slowly walking towards the viewer’ style.

  2. Ooooooh. Pwetty. Day one purchase for me. Not just because of the box art mind!

  3. So does this mean no more bluray size boxes?! Or just no clear section at the top?

  4. Nice continuation of that ‘watching over’ theme from the previous arts in the series. Here’s how it looks in-box for anyone interested:

    • Very nice. I don’t usually comment on boxarts but i’m a fan of this one.

    • Lovely, very Vita-esque.

  5. Not into the Killzone franchise but that’s a very lovely design – striking and so easily noticeable from a distance. It’ll help distinguish itself next to all the other titles on game-store shelves.

  6. Nice that there’s a female on the cover too, as well as the Shadow Marshal. Wonder if she’s meant to just be a female soldier or if she’s actually a key character? The woman in Killzone 3 wasn’t used much.

    • Yes it’ll be nice to see the return of a female character after it only being male characters in KZ2 and KZ3.

    • I immediately assumed that the woman on the cover is Visari’s daughter. She features in the intro cutscene at the beginning of Killzone 3 and is never really seen again but there were rumours a while ago that she would feature in Shadow Fall in a position of leadership.

  7. Nice. Can’t wait to see more PS4 box arts…….sitting on my games shelf. :)

    • …Whilst still battling through the back log of PS3 games like myself? :P

      • Aye same I got a massive backlog – normally try for trophies but now i’m just ramming through them storywise and on to the next lol.

        Otherwise i’ll be here until 2020.

  8. I like it! It’s something average Joe usually only looks at once or twice, but it needs to make a strong first impression.

  9. As a fan of the series, I’m hoping that the women on the cover is actually a re-introduction to Luger from Killzone 1 and Liberation, though if I remember correctly, she was shown to be a redhead in the latter.

    • Doubt it. This is 30 years (correct me if I’m wrong) after Killzone 3 isn’t it? She’s look way older.

      • True, but regardless hopefully she will be an interesting addition to the series, unlike many of the previous and rare female cast. Hoping Guerilla will also live up to the promise for KZ3 of exploring the Helghan culture and society more deeply.

  10. Love that box art. Very striking indeed!!

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